A Far Cry From New Jersey By Mark Thompson-Smith

A Far Cry From New Jersey – Mark Thompson-Smith was released 1998

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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD MF101 Mainframe Records UK?

Track List
Title Writers
01. Personality Thompson-Smith,Walsh,Rosenthal 3 51″
02. Old Fashioned Love Thompson-Smith,Walsh,Rosenthal 3′ 57″
03. Good Day Thompson-Smith,Walsh 4′ 45″
04. Wait For You Thompson-Smith,Walsh 4′ 59″
05. Boys Are Missing Out Thompson-Smith,M.Owers 3′ 58″
06. The Real Thing Thompson-Smith,Walsh 3′ 32″
07. Lay Down Your Guns Picken,Bliss 4′ 34″
08. She Cries Thompson-Smith,Walsh 3′ 44″
09. Yours Truly Thompson-Smith,Walsh,Cordes,Pozzelanti 5′ 16″
10. Destiny Walsh, M O’Connell, Hoffman,Thompson-Smith 3′ 57″
11. Joyride Walsh 4′ 16″

Name Instrument
Mark Thompson-Smith Lead Vocals
Mike Walsh Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Horns
Bob Cordes Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Pozzelanti Drums
Joe McLaughlin Keyboards
John O’Connell Keyboards On 6,11
David Rosenthal Keyboards On 7
Ritchie Mattalion & Louie Appel Drums On 7

Interview Links
What Source
Mark Thompson-Smith Exclusive

Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•QEC Studios, Metuchen, NJ •Bob Quinto
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Mark Thompson Smith and Mike Walsh •Crusoe

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I have been a Praying Mantis fan since I first heard "Captured City" on Metal for Muthas. Time Tells No Lies has always been on of my favourite albums and I was overjoyed when I first discovered it was out on CD. I didn't know what had happened after the first album until in about 1994 I discovered "A Cry For The New World". I was worried about getting it as I thought it had to be a disappointment but I was wrong. I loved it and have followed the band and maintained this website ever since.

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