Eternal Infinnity by Horakane

Eternal Infinnity – Horakane was released 17 Mar 1999
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD PCCY-01351 Pony Canyon Japan
CD FR CD 091 Now And Then/Frontiers UK

Track List
Title Writers
01. Eternal Infinity O’Hora 1′ 22″
02. Over The Edge O’Hora 3′ 57″
03. The Storm O’Hora 4′ 11″
04. Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow O’Hora 5′ 13″
05. Hold On O’Hora 5′ 56″
06. Never Meant To Make You Cry O’Hora 6′ 06″
07. Voices O’Hora/Kane 4′ 20″
08. Judgement Day O’Hora 5′ 26″
09. Hurts Like Hell O’Hora 3′ 24″
10. Remember My Name O’Hora 5′ 37″
11. End Of An Era O’Hora 5′ 28″
12. Remember My Name (Hot Lava Java Karaoke Mix) O’Hora 5′ 42″

Name Instrument
Tony O’Hora Lead Vocals
Jamie Kane Lead Guitar

What Source
Tony O’Hora Exclusive

Studios Engineering
•Springbank Studios, Worcester •Tony O’Hora
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Tony O’Hora and Ivan Gunn •Sebastian Kozak

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I have been a Praying Mantis fan since I first heard "Captured City" on Metal for Muthas. Time Tells No Lies has always been on of my favourite albums and I was overjoyed when I first discovered it was out on CD. I didn't know what had happened after the first album until in about 1994 I discovered "A Cry For The New World". I was worried about getting it as I thought it had to be a disappointment but I was wrong. I loved it and have followed the band and maintained this website ever since.

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4 comments on “Eternal Infinnity by Horakane
  1. Burn Magazine says:

    Burnn! Review kindly translated for me by Yoko.

    This is the project of Tony O’Hora before he joined Praying Mantis.
    Steve McKenna from TEN and Brian Dickson from CATHEDRAL etc are on this
    album as guest musicians (They aren’t actually see Tony’s Interview). It sounds unnatural to me that he sings power
    metal type music, no matter how he growls forcefully or how he shouts at
    the top of his (high tone) voice. The fast guitar playing is also featured
    in this album, but the vocal has been hidden by the insensitive balance of
    the guitar and drums sounds. It is obvious that Tony’s vocals are good for
    PM’s delicate music if you compare ‘Remember My Name’ in ‘Forever
    In Time’ with #10 in this album (Tino Troy plays the acoustic guitar in
    this song).
    Well, as the message #13 in this album says, this is a reference data for
    fans. I expect him in PM.

  2. From the Classic Rock Society Journal Wonderous Stories

    Horakane Eternal Infinity

    Now And Then Productions/
    Frontiers Records FR CD 091

    Horakane is a collaboration project between Tony O’Hara from NWOBHM outfit Praying Mantis (once again making waves with recent album Nowhere To Hide also released on Frontiers Records) and talented guitarist Jamie Kane. Apparently they started work on this project way back in the mid nineties and the album has already seen a 1999 release in the lucrative Japanese metal market. Thankfully Eternal Infinity now receives a long overdue European release and should certainly make people sit up and take notice.

    This is a true slab of thundering heavy metal, very much in classic Judas Priest territory, combining soaring vocals and truly amazing guitar work. Indeed, this is a fine testimony to modern-day British melodic metal as the album also features the talented Steve McKenna (Ten), Brian Dixon (Cathedral) and Ivan Gunn (Pride and exBalance Of Power). Preying Mantis guitarist Tino Troy also gets in on the act making this an exceptional recording indeed. Tony O’Hora is a grossly underrated vocalist and a talented musician too and Jamie Kane proves that he is up there with the best of them. Listen to The Storm, Voices or Hold On and deny that this is one of the best metal albums of the last 10 years if you can! They can also slow things down when they want to as shown on the delicate Never Meant To Make You Cry or Remember My Name which still contain enough power to light a small city. As good a metal album as you will hear in a long time and one that, if there is any justice in this world, will become a future rock standard.

    Terry Craven

  3. Anthony Wild says:

    I think that Tony is a teriffic singer but Praying Pantis keeps him down! On Horakane you can hear his strong range that he has! I hope there will be more Horakane cds!

  4. Ignacio says:

    eternal infinity was the solo record from tony o’hora which was done besides the immortal forever in time.
    it could have been nearly as huge as this one, since this record is great but it lacks speed. yes, i do like mid tempos, but some times the songs need to be slow, sometimes they need to be fast … in this one unfortunately i missed speed. the speed which is on over the edge, the best song of the record.
    other good songs are hurts like hell, remember my name, never meant to make you cry, voices, end of an era …

    the songwriting is excellent, the tempo is not so right … 🙁

    also i miss the japanese cover, which i find it very nice, ala rnr over from kiss. why do they change it for europe/u.s.? … i find it st***d

    8/10 it could have been great-er

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