Colchester, Essex, 07/08/10

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4 comments on “Colchester, Essex, 07/08/10
  1. Dave the Snapper says:

    I don’t belieeeeeve it!!!

    Been hoping you might play in Colchester forever.
    Great news is that you are – on Saturday night…
    Bad news is that we’ll aready be at Cambridge Rock Festival, waiting to see you on Sunday… Aaaagggghhhhhhhh!

    Never mind – lookin’ forward to Sunday!

  2. The day has finally arrived, Praying Mantis will be playing here at The Bull this evening. It is truely amazing to have such a brilliant band playing at a pub like this, we are all very excited and can`t wait to meet you tonight.
    It is great you are taking the time to play the smaller venues and support music at its roots.
    Have a great day
    Dave & Fiona – The Bull, Colchester

  3. It was a pleasure to be at the Best gig of 2010 for me personally. Sorry I was dancing on your mixing desk ,think I got carried away with the Music.

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