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New interviews, reviews have been posted on this site and also www.myspace.com/prayingmantisrock.

More dates will be added along with more interviews & reviews.



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5 comments on “Updates And News
  1. Steve Tozer says:

    Guys, I have been a Mantis fan sine i was 17 years old, im now 43. Good to see you are doing some gigs in the UK but one thing continues to puzzle me – why are you only playing pubs? you are not some amature band and your fan base in the UK is bigger than you think. I think you owe it to your fans to play a proper venue and there are many in London, Mean Fiddler, kentish Town forum just to name a few..come on guys, make an effort for your british fans and give us aproper show.

  2. Jim Ferrie says:

    I saw you at Cambridge. Heard of you but never heard anything that you had done before.
    YOU were awesome at Cambridge.
    Absolutely awesome.
    Only 4 bands held my attention.
    Heep,Asia,Airace and Praying Mantis.

    Well done

  3. Jim Ferrie says:

    I now have Sanctuary and it’s superb!!

  4. david robles says:

    hey friends, im from mexico,, and just want to know if you come to here, please me and some friends really wants to see you, thanx, and sorry with my english, jejeje seeya, take care, grettings, heavy metal long life
    david robles

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