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Metal Perspective Interview – Praying Mantis – Interview with Chris Troy

Metal Perspective Interview – Praying Mantis – Interview with Chris Troy Interviewer: Steven Reid After a hiatus of six years, Praying Mantis returned in 2009 with the excellent Sanctuary album which contains a stunning mix of hard rock and classy

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Holy Sword GR – Interview

Praying Mantis news thanks to Antonis Adamakos: PRAYING MANTIS interview :: Holy Sword – issue #2 FREE PDF version is available now @ – Old Style Underground Heavy Metal Fanzine! More info:

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Komodo Rock Review, Photos & Audio Interview Link HRH 08

I know its a year old…but always good to look back – Photos and review from HRH 2008 thanks to Komodo Rock

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Heavy Sound System Interview With Praying Mantis June 2009

Heavy Sound System – Interview with Praying Mantis from June 2009 – rocking xx Praying Mantis started back in 1977 when Spanish-Greek brothers Tino and Chris Troy, founded the band and recorded a demo which received great acclaim in

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Shockwaves/Hard Radio USA – New Audio Interview with Tino Troy

Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast #41: This episode features exclusive interviews with Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Tino Troy from the classic NWOBHM band Praying Mantis and vocalist Zak Stevens from Machines of Grace / Savatage / Trans Siberian Orchestra. Direct Link to Episode #41:

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Rockwind (GR): Praying Mantis – Tino Troy Interview

Tino Troy (PRAYING MANTIS) Interview “Due to the occasion on the release of the new Praying Mantis album under the title “Sanctuary” an opportunity was given to to attain an interview with Tino Troy through our colleague Kyriakos Athanasiadis A lot have

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Fireworks Mag UK: Praying Mantis Interview

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Metal Discovery 3 Part IV with Chris Troy PRAYING MANTIS 20th August 2009 CHRIS TROY METAL DISCOVERY: How you doing? CHRIS TROY: Good, good, not too bad thank you very much. “…that is a superb feeling when it occurs. It’s better than sex, you know…well, some sex

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Art Rock Sweden – Interview with Chris Troy

Praying Mantis Q&A with Chris TroyAugust 2009 (By Andy Flash) Congratulations on a new brilliant album. How has the response been so far? – Thank you so much. The response has been fantastic and so much above our wildest

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Dog Magazine (GR) – Interview with Tino Troy

DOG MAGAZINE – ATHENS, GREECE PRAYING MANTIS Interview starring Tino (Guitarist ) Current mood:Blow Your Speakers with Metal Category: Music — I N T E R V I E W — with PRAYING MANTIS FRONTIER Records the staff Tino

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