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Rare Mantis related Songs

Last Modified On 21 Mar 2009

Since putting up this site back in 1995, my knowledge of Mantis has increased to about 5 times it's pre-internet size. The biggest surprise to me is the number of unreleased tracks and recordings from the early days. Most were covered in Demorabilia but there are still some more potential tracks

"I Surrender" - This is the song released by Rainbow written by Russ Ballad. Mantis recorded it but Rainbow won the right to release their version

"No Mercy" was recorded with Tom Jackson on vocals but were never released

Captured City" was re-recorded for the 2nd album "A Question of Time" which was never released.

The 1979 live set had a song called "Rock'n'Roll Fever" which is an early version of 30 Pieces of Silver

"Breakaway" and "As Long As We're Together" were recorded the same time as Heat Of The Moment but deemed too poppy to be released on Demorabilia

"Can't Wait forever" was also recorded with a Gary Barden Vocal.