Live At Last

Live At Last – Praying Mantis with Paul Di’Anno and Denis Stratton was released 21 June 1990
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD PCCY-01257 Pony Canyon Japan
CD PCCY-00116 Pony Canyon Japan
CD ZCRCD35 Zoom Club Records UK
LP R-1020 Samphony Korea
HQCD PCCY-50029 Pony Canyon Japan
Track List
Title Writers Length
01. Panic In The Streets T.Troy/S.Vermeulen/D.Potts 5′ 11″
02. Dangerous Game Stratton/Newton/Mann 4′ 02″
03. Children Of The Earth C.Troy/T.Troy 6′ 23″
04. Lovers To The Grave C.Troy/T.Troy 4′ 59″
05. Flirting With Suicide (Not LP) T.Troy/S.Carroll/C.Troy/D.Potts 6′ 12″
06. Hot Tonight Stratton/Newton/Mann/Stewart 3′ 48″
07. Running For Tomorrow (Not LP) D.Potts/C.Troy/T.Troy/S.Carroll 3′ 51″
08. Wrathchild S.Harris 3′ 06″
09. Murders In The Rue Morgue S.Harris 4′ 44″
10. Remember Tomorrow (Not LP) S.Harris/P.Di’anno 6′ 05″
11. Phantom Of The Opera (Not LP) S.Harris 7′ 06″
12. Iron Maiden S.Harris 5′ 19″
13. Cheated S.Carroll/T.Troy 3′ 54″
14. Running Free S.Harris/P.Di’anno 5′ 17″
Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar,Vocals on 1,4,5
Chris Troy Bass,Vocals on 3
Dennis Stratton Guitar,Vocals on 2
Bruce Bisland Drums
Paul Di’anno Lead Vocals on 6-14
Interview Links
What Source
Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•Live At Nakano Sunplaza Tokyo on 18 April 1980 •Hide Tanaka, Keiichi Yamada
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Hide Tanaka, Tetsuya Ikeda •Taka Shibayama
General Notes

US Cover

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I have been a Praying Mantis fan since I first heard "Captured City" on Metal for Muthas. Time Tells No Lies has always been on of my favourite albums and I was overjoyed when I first discovered it was out on CD. I didn't know what had happened after the first album until in about 1994 I discovered "A Cry For The New World". I was worried about getting it as I thought it had to be a disappointment but I was wrong. I loved it and have followed the band and maintained this website ever since.

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5 comments on “Live At Last
  1. Edwin Baeyens says:

    I have the US edition of this CD, with a cover that refers to both Praying
    Mantis and Iron Maiden. Funny, but a bit silly too, especially compared to the wonderful covers of their other albums.

    This is as much of an Iron Maiden album as it is a Mantis album. Being a Di’Anno-era Maiden fan as well, there’s not much I can complain about.
    Paul Di’Anno sings on two Mantis songs and does OK, but it¹s especially nice to hear Chris and Tino perform their songs. “Panic in the Streets”, “Children of the Earth”, “Lovers to the Grave”, “Flirting with Suicide”,… wonderful! The Maiden songs are at least as good as the originals and I’m very happy my favourite Maiden song “Remember Tomorrow” is included.
    All in all, this is a collection of great songs (they could have done
    without “Dangerous Game” & “Hot Tonight” though), performed well. Nothing to get really excited about, but a welcome addittion to any collection.

  2. Voltz Magazine says:


    Praying Mantis were one of the better NWOBHM bands doing the rounds in the
    late seventies/early eighties although they never had the commercial success
    enjoyed by the likes of Saxon, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. In the days of Rob
    Loonhouse ‘Captured City’ could be heard alongside Iron Maiden’s ‘Sound House
    Tapes’, Saxons ‘Stallions Of The Highway’ and Def Leppard’s ‘Getcha Rocks Off.’
    The scene was far from glamorous, but bands at least toured, even if they did
    play in arenas like Cheltenham Town Hall and Deptford bike sheds.

    Praying Mantis missed the boat in the UK but instead caught one to Japan where
    they are now enormous. The core of the band remains the same with Chris and
    Tino Troy as the driving force but ex-Iron Maiden chaps Dennis Stratton (guitar)
    and Clive Burr (drums) have now been roped in to add their weight, although
    Bruce Bisland has now replaced Burr on drums. Ex-MSG veteran Gary Barden handles
    lead vocals, although Tony O’Hora has now replaced him.

    Praying Mantis now combine the twin guitar attack of Iron Maiden with the big
    harmonies of the short-lived and highly underrated Lionheart. The songs are
    competent but are very much formularised; each having a verse, chorus, verse,
    chorus approach that becomes tedious.

    Praying Mantis are hugely melodic such as on ‘A Cry For The New World’ or the
    pomp orientated ‘Rise Up Again’ and their musical mettle is no better demonstrated
    than on the instrumental ‘The Horn’. ‘Children Of The Earth’s song from the
    bands early days is fine tuned and brought up to date with its Maidenesque harmony
    guitar parts whilst the opener ‘Victory’ proves the need for bands to suck up
    to the Japanese market. Barden is in fine form on vocals as is drummer Clive
    Burr but even they somehow fail to make this into anything more than an average
    melodic rock album. The new material on the Frontiers label should be more encouraging.

    Zoom Club have seen fit to capitalise on the success of Praying Mantis by releasing
    an album that is basically Praying Mantis, with ex-Iron Maiden/ Battlezone propping
    up the microphone stand (or should that be the other way round). ‘Live At Last’
    features material that has been of relevance to the careers of Stratton, Dianno,
    and Praying Mantis. Six Praying Mantis songs are given an airing-‘Children Of
    The Earth’ being the pick of the bunch-along with six from Dianno’s Maiden days.
    Two tracks represent Stratton’s Involvement in Lionheart, ‘Dangerous Game’,
    and the title track from the Epic release ‘Hot Tonight’.

    The line up of songs is, on paper at least, a good one but Dianno who on this
    evidence has turned Into the club singer ruins the whole affair. ‘Running Free’
    and ‘Wrathchild’ are more suited to Dianno’s screams and growls, but the more
    melodic songs prove an impossible task for someone who has a clear problem remembering
    the lyrics.

    ‘Live At Last’ is a poor release that does Dianno no favours at all. Record
    companies would do themselves and the record buying public a favour if they
    invested their money more wisely. How about releasing the Stampede or Lionheart
    demos with Rueben Archer on vocals, surely this would be much more worthwhile.
    Mike Newdeck

  3. George Arvanitakis says:

    Japan!!!! The land were all NWOBHM earn the recognition they deserve…The first attack was the legendary “re-union” after long years of absence by the Mantis. Tino and Chris with the collaboration of Dennis Stratton and B. Bisland decided to do some concerts in Japan. The cd/Lp features the best (till that period that was released) songs that Mantis ever recorded. Also features some great songs from Lionheart such as “Dangerous Game” and “Hot tonight” with Paul Dianno shows that still is one of the best frontman in the world. Most of the people thought this was “a money re-union” but for me it was the start for Mantis to be one of the leading melodic bands in our era. The songs of Iron Maiden simply rule and shows why Paul Dianno was the best vocalist that Maiden ever had. Dennis Stratton and the Troy brothers started to show that this was the beggining for a strong and hard as a fist line-up. The only bad thing i can find in this release is that doesn’t have the great European cover with 2 P.Mantis figures on the front trying to copy the cover of Running Free cover.

    This is one of my best live albums and since P.Mantis is my fave band i cann’t say any bad word for them. Children of the Earth , Hot tonight and Wrathchild is the best momments of the cd….or shold i say Lp???

    Any of you out there who doesn’t have this masterpiece do your self a favour and buy it!!!!

    ..and for all those who say “bad” things for Dennis Stratton and Paul Dianno here is an advice “it it better to play with your heart than to play for the money”

  4. john crawford says:

    This is one of the best live albums ever recorded by any group. They sound like they’re having a lot of fun, and the performance is dead-on with lots of energy. It sounds as though someone is singing out of tune at times, but that dissonance adds character.

  5. Min says:

    Starts with a good rendition of Panic in the streets.
    Then Dennis comes on and it just gets better – more Mantis classics and a great Lionheart tune.
    Unfortunately Paul DiAnno then takes over the mike. Now I know he CAN sing (nothing fantastic – but good enough), but he just seems to want to sound like a pub singer. Luckily he doesn’t quite ruin the next Mantis track or Lionheart tune. Then it goes rapidly downhill; it’s like DiAnno is paradying himself. Sorry, but the first 5 Maiden tracks are not good.
    By the time we reach Cheated, he seems to have calmed down, either that or the song just can’t be ruined within his range. On the plus side, Running Free is a good closer, and DiAnno shows his humour with a Bob Marley impression….there’s even a snippet of Kylie!
    Worth buying if it is cheap!

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