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Europe Edition was released 21 August 2015

Japanese Edition was released 28 August 2015


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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD FR CD 701/8024391070123 Frontiers Italy
CD KICP-1738/4988003473037 King Records Japan
Track List
Title Writers Length
01. Fight for your Honour
02. The One
03. Believable
04. Tokyo
05. Better Man
06. All I See
07. Eyes of a Child
08. Here to Stay (Japan Only)
09. The Runner
10. Against the World
11. Fallen Angel
12. Second time around



Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Chris Troy Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Andy Burgess Guitars, Vocals
Hans in t Zandt Drums and Percussion
Jaycee Cuijpers Vocals
Interview Links
What Source
Additional Information
Studios Mastering
 Pinewood and Snap Studios, London Andrew Riley
Mixer/Producer Artwork
Andrew Riley, Tino Troy, Andy Burges Rodney Matthews
General Notes

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