List of Cover Songs

What songs have Praying Mantis Covered or Had Covered by
other bands?

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Songs Praying Mantis have Covered

"All of the Day and all of the Night" on Time Tells no Lies was originally
recorded by the Kinks.

"Dangerous Game" on Live at Last was originally recorded by Lionheart on
their only album "She's Hot"

"Wrathchild", "Murders in the Rue Morgue", "Remember Tomorrow", Phantom of
the Opera", "Iron Maiden" and "Running Free" are all from the Paul Dianno era
Iron Maiden.

"Ball Of Confusion" on To The Power of Ten is a cover of an old Temptations

"Armed and Ready" on Captured Alive in Tokyo was originally by the Michael
Schenker Group on their self titled album with Gary Barden on vocals.

Mantis Songs covered by other bands

Possibly none. It depends if you view the Stratton/Hart Predator in Disguise
tracks as Mantis originals. If you do

"Listen to what your Heart says" from Predator in Disguise is remade on the
Original Iron Men (ASBCD 004) album by Paul Dianno and Dennis Stratton. It also
appears on True Brits volume 3 (ASBCD 005) but it is only credited to Hart and
Thomas instead of Stratton Thomas White and Hart.