Captured Alive In Tokyo City DVD

Captured Alive In Tokyo City DVD was released on DVD on 18 June 2003
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Type Cat No. Label Country
DVD PCBP-50803 Pony Canyon Japan

Track List
Title Writers
01. Victory Troy/Troy 7′ 53″
02. A Cry For The New World Praying Mantis 7′ 00″
03. Can’t See The Angels T.Troy/C.Troy 5′ 43″
04. The Horn C.Troy/T.Troy/C.Burr/D.Potts/B.Shaw 2′ 59″
05. Dream On Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 6′ 10″
06. Welcome To My Hollywood Troy/Troy 6′ 39″
07. Turn The Tables Troy/Troy 5′ 18″
08. Children Of The Earth C.Troy/T.Troy 6′ 05″
09. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Troy/Troy 6′ 21″
10. Letting Go Troy/Troy 8′ 17″
11. Lovers To The Grave C.Troy/T.Troy 5′ 56″
12. Rise Up Again Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 5′ 29″
13. Captured City (Video Only) Troy/Troy 6′ 31″
Promo: Can’t See The Angels C.Troy/T.Troy 5’17”
Promo: This Time Girl (Live) Stratton/Pearce/Hart 4′ 15″
Promo: Borderline C.Troy/T.Troy 4′ 58″
Promo: Letting Go C.Troy/T.Troy 7′ 07″
Promo: Only The Children Cry Troy/Troy/Stratton 4′ 22″
Promo: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark C.Troy/T.Troy 5′ 32″

Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar,Vocals
Chris Troy Bass,Vocals
Dennis Stratton Guitar,Vocals
Gary Barden Lead Vocals
Clive Burr Drums
Bruce Bisland Drums on all Promos
Colin Peel Vocals on Letting Go Promo
Mark Thompson Smith Vocals on Only The Children Promo

What Source

Studios Engineering
•Live At Club Citta Kawasaki, Japan On 11 & 12 Nov 1995 •Unknown
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Norman Goodman And Tino Troy •Kazuo Hakamada
General Notes
The DVD contains the following note from Tino on the Lyric sheet.

To our dedicated fans everywhere,

This, our fourth tour of Japan, was, as usual, extremely memorable but also
nerve-wrecking. It is always difficult to relax when you know that you are being
filmed and recorded live simultaneously – it even made my moustache curl
upwards, ha ha!

We have listened to all your comments in the past and, as a result, played a
much longer set. Obviously we did not play all of our songs and some fans may be
a little disappointed with the omission of a particular favourite of theirs.
Nevertheless, we felt that we provided a good cross-section of Mantis material.

Bruce Bisland was very sad because he could not join us on tour. It was his
own silly fault for falling off his bicycle and breaking his arm (drunk as
usual). The road suffered many bruises too!! Thankfully, Clive Burr was able to
step in.

The tour was highlighted by the FUTSAL game in which MANTIS, and certain
members of staff, engaged in manic conflict between the fans. This is a greatly
enjoyable event that takes place each time we visit. It also happened to be a
very sad day for me because I had made a bet with the fans stating that if
MANTIS were to lose, I would shave off my beard we lost!, who cares? – it makes
me look younger anyway!!

I would just like to reflect on the past for a while and say that we never
thought that we would ever make it to Japan, but since our first visit in 1990,
it has become a marvellous experience for us. Praying Mantis are not like other
bands; we appreciate what our fans in Japan have done for us and in return, not
only do we play for you, we do our best to interact with you, talk with you,
shake your hands, hug you, party with you and even play soccer with you – you
name it, we just want to do it!

We frequently receive endearing fan mails from you asking when we shall
return. ‘Tomorrow’ would be the answer that I would like to give but alas, we
have to prepare for our next visit. Whilst you read these liner notes, we shall
be working on a new ‘old style’ Mantis album. throughout our relationship with
you, we have learned that the majority of you prefer the MANTIS
of the 80’s. That is the reason we have got together again, in an attempt to
re-capture the essence of “Time Tells No Lies”. Yes, we have experimented in the
past, but doesn’t everybody like to try something different now and again? The
X-factor is still there, that magical element that has never died – we want to
share that magic with you.

The next time we come to Japan we would like to stay for longer. I hope that
we can play more shows in other cities and also find some time to relax a
little. No sooner than we stepped off the plane at Narita that we were stepping
onto the stage at Nagoya. Rush, rush, rush! We were already nervous enough maybe
next time it will be a different story. Maybe Pony Canyon can treat us to a day
at the beach, or Disneyland I’m only joking here! – I would like to say a big
thanks to all the staff at Pony Canyon for their great work and support.

I would like to end by saying ‘Thank you’ for your undying belief in PRAYING
MANTIS “Thank you all”.

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff, as Dennis would say, “LET’S HAVE A
PARTY!” enjoy the next 84 minutes!

Until the next time


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