Sanctuary was released June 2009
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD FR CD 416 Frontiers Italy
Track List
Title Writers Length
01. In Time C. Troy, Freeland 5:43
02. Restless heart Freeland, C Troy, T Troy, Burgess 5:10
03. Tears in the rain C Troy, T Troy, Freeland, Burgess 5:09
04. So high C Troy, T Troy, Freeland 4:45
05. Turn the tide/Lonely Way Home C Troy, T Troy, Burgess, Freeland 5:35
06. Touch the rainbow C Troy 4:08
07. Threshold of a dream Burgess, Freeland 4:15
08. Playing god C Troy, T Troy, Burgess 5:39
09. Broken Chains (Japanese release Only) C. Troy 6:46
10. Highway Burgess, Freeland, T. Troy 4:58
11. Sanctuary C Troy, T Troy, Burgess 6:24
Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Chris Troy Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Freeland Lead vocals
Benjy Reid Drums and Percussion
Andy Burgess Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Interview Links
What Source
Tino Interview Lords of
Additional Information
Studios Mastering
•Muse Studios, Muse Productions, Atlanta, US •Wes Maebe
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Andy Reilly •Rainer Kalwitz
General Notes

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