Throwing Shapes

Throwing Shapes (Stratus Album) was released 1984
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Type Cat No. Label Country
LP Steel 31001 Steel Trax UK
LP 28AP2946 CBS Sony Japan
CD Bootleg With Irom Maidens SoundHouse Tapes! Italy
CD ??? Krescendo UK

Track List
Title Writers
01. Back Street Lovers Stratus 3′ 50″
02. Gimme Something Stratus 4′ 11″
03. Even If It Takes Stratus 4′ 20″
04. Give Me One More Chance Stratus 4′ 43″
05. Never Say No Stratus 3′ 58″
06. Run For Your Life Stratus 4′ 32″
07. Romancer Stratus 3′ 34″
08. Enough Is Enough Stratus 3′ 42″
09. So Tired Stratus 4′ 47″

Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar, Vocals
Chris Troy Bass, Vocals
Bernie Shaw Lead Vocals
Clive Buurr Drums
Alan Nelson Keyboards

Interview Links
What Source
Bernie Shaw Exclusive
Dave Potts Exclusive

Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•Dreamboat Studios, Frankfurt •Norman Goodman
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Norman Goodman And Tino Troy •Steve Joule
General Notes
I have included this album here since it was really Praying Mantis under a different name. This is even more valid now that Demorabilia has been released.

From The Japanese Cover

From The UK Cover

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