Captured Alive In Tokyo City (2 disc version)

Double Captured Alive In Tokyo City was released 21 March 1996
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD PCCY-00902 Pony Canyon Japan

Track List
Title Writers
01. Victory Troy/Troy 7′ 53″
02. A Cry For The New World Praying Mantis 7′ 00″
03. Can’t See The Angels T.Troy/C.Troy 5′ 43″
04. Bring On The Night Troy/Troy/Barden/Bisland/Stratton 4′ 55″
05. Only The Children Cry Troy/Troy/Stratton 5′ 24″
06. To The Power Of Ten Goodman/Troy/Troy/Barden/Bisland/Stratton 3′ 56″
07. The Horn C.Troy/T.Troy/C.Burr/D.Potts/B.Shaw 2′ 59″
08. Dream On Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 6′ 10″
09. Welcome To My Hollywood Troy/Troy 6′ 39″
10. Turn The Tables Troy/Troy 5′ 18″
11. Children Of The Earth C.Troy/T.Troy 6′ 05″
12. Angry Man Jackson/Troy/Troy/Barden/Bisland/Stratton 4′ 02″
13. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Troy/Troy 6′ 21″
14. Cheated S.Carroll/T.Troy 3′ 46″
15. Letting Go Troy/Troy 8′ 17″
16. Lovers To The Grave C.Troy/T.Troy 5′ 56″
17. Flirting With Suicide T.Troy/S.Carroll/C.Troy/D.Potts 6′ 23″
18. Rise Up Again Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 5′ 29″
19. Armed And Ready Schenker/Barden 6′ 12″
20. Captured City Troy/Troy 6′ 31″

Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar,Vocals
Chris Troy Bass,Vocals
Dennis Stratton Guitar,Vocals
Gary Barden Lead Vocals
Clive Burr Drums

Interview Links
What Source

Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•Live At Club Citta Kawasaki, Japan On 11 & 12 Nov 1995 •Unknown
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Norman Goodman And Tino Troy •Kazuo Hakamada

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I have been a Praying Mantis fan since I first heard "Captured City" on Metal for Muthas. Time Tells No Lies has always been on of my favourite albums and I was overjoyed when I first discovered it was out on CD. I didn't know what had happened after the first album until in about 1994 I discovered "A Cry For The New World". I was worried about getting it as I thought it had to be a disappointment but I was wrong. I loved it and have followed the band and maintained this website ever since.

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3 comments on “Captured Alive In Tokyo City (2 disc version)
  1. Rick Gillyon says:

    Contact Rick at

    I have the Limited Edition 2CD version of Captured. The first
    thing you notice about this version is that the packaging is superb.
    The whole thing comes in a cardboard slipcase, containing 2 picture
    CDs, 2 booklets with stacks of photos plus lyrics etc., and a
    laminated backstage pass from the tour. Wow.

    In general the album sounds great. The band is in excellent form,
    and are clearly having a whale of a time. Unfortunately there
    are a few problems with this album…

    Firstly, Gary Barden’s voice is not impressive, the only real
    weakness of the performance. I sense little feeling from his voice,
    and his range is limited. Most of the higher notes are not even
    attempted. Frankly, the Troys and Dennis Stratton can do a *far*
    better job of singing than Gary Barden.

    The second problem is the selection of songs for the album. No
    I Know It/Time Slipping Away, no Beads Of Ebony, no Running For
    Tomorrow, no Enough Is Enough, no Battle Royal. But we do get
    *seven* songs from TTPOT. A big mistake, because a number of these
    songs do not reach the standard, and are not very representative
    of Mantis.

    Third problem is the inclusion of Armed And Ready, the MSG song.
    Why?? It’s a poor song, embarrassed by the others here. You would
    think that Stratton’s "solo" efforts, like This Time
    Girl, would be far more deserving of a place on the set-list.

    Having said that, many of the classics are played superbly, with
    the vocalist distracting only slightly. Cheated, Turn The Tables,
    Flirting etc. all sound great. Lovers To The Grave sounds particularly
    good, but I suspect Barden is not singing! The version of Captured
    City here is much better than the original, with the melodies
    and arrangement much improved.

    Overall, a great live album not without its flaws. Why the band
    feel the need for a vocalist at all is beyond me, but this album
    succeeds on the strength of the musical performance, the great
    songs and the *excellent* packaging.

    Get it. Get *two* copies. Then you can make some money from this
    Limited Edition after the next album is a massive world-wide hit!

  2. Underground Empire Metal Megazine says:

    In the meantime the album which was already reemerged in Japan in 1996 should be available everywhere in Germany also. Admittedly only as single CD. Additionally to this rather slim version in Japan there was also a limited
    edition double CD launched, which contains over 33 minutes of extra music, divided in 7 tracks.

    Next to all songtexts in the detailed booklet there is an additive booklet in a bigger format with many images to be marvelled. And because this is not enough, you also get a 1995 backstage pass with it!

    The sound is felicitous and the performance of the band ist good to very good. Only one doesn’t fit in here: singer Gary Barden has only a limited voice volume what heists some songs their special feeling. A pity, because whoever of the other band members would have sung this, he would surely have done better. The sound material is not without defects, either: what do we need 7 songs
    of the fair “To The Power Of Ten” opus for, when alltime classics such as “Running For Tomorrow”, “Time Slipping Away” or “Battle Royal” are missing?

    But neither singing nor song selection manage to rob the double CD its flair. “CAPTURED ALIVE” does not only belong in every sensible PRAYING MANTIS collection, also all the other fans of AOR / NWoBHM should hedge this section of a great band. With song classics like “Turn The Tables”, “Victory”, “Angry Man”, “Flirting With Suicide” or “Captured City” it’s meldoic at its best!

    In Japan this limited edition is long sold out! At Hellion records you can still save this gem. Who wants or can do without the texts can also buy only the European licenced pressing.


    Music: -/-

    Sound: 7,0

  3. Ignacio says:

    This is Praying Mantis official live album from 96.
    It was not easy to get this one since it is a 2cd limited japanese edition, and it is a nice one since it comes in a slip case with several booklets and cards.
    It also was released in dvd, but in this one the content is cut. At least it has 6 bonus videos, including borderline, can’t see the angels, only the children cry, letting go, this time girl. These ones justify the dvd alone. And it was even harder to get than the 2cd.

    Well, let’s go to the music. The singer is Gary Barden. I really think he did not fit (his voice) very well in Mantis legacy, and probably To the power of ten is the worst Mantis record. And this live record is based on TTPOT tour, so …
    Anyway, the majority of the songs here are great. Victory, Cry for the new world, Can’t see the angels, Only the children cry, Welcome to my hollywood, turn the tables, Cheated, Letting go, Lovers to the grave … and Captured city.
    Just seeing that the tour recorded would have been from the following record … That would have been incredible.
    Anyway, anyhow, it is a nice package.

    10/10 for the video, mantis fans only.

    8/10 for the record, again mantis/nwobhm fans only.

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