Where can you buy Mantis Merchandise on the Net?

Official Praying Mantis Merchandise is now for sale please email merchandise AT praying-mantis DOT com for details

My recommendations for buying Mantis albums outside of Japan on-line are as

is a good resource for finding cd’s at good prices
in the UK

http://www.booksprice.co.uk/ sometimes seems to find extra sources.

For the rest of the Japan stuff check out CD Gold. I find an E-mail asking for stuff works fine.

Vinyl Tap tends to have copies of the Live and singles Bootleg.

http://gemm.com/ Seems to be the best method of searching the Net for 2nd hand items.

For the Captured Alive In Tokyo DVD
is probably as good as anywhere.

Please let me know if you have trouble with anyone. I have had dealing with them all and found them to be trustworthy.

Edwin Baeyens had a fast response from AOR Heaven