Bob Angelo looking to publish a book on his Iron maiden and Praying Mantis days

“It’s a book about my times in both IRON MAIDEN & PRAYING MANTIS. It covers all of the time spent in ‘MAIDEN, all in chonological order, in great detail, along with early snapshots of the band, which have never been seen. It also covers all my ‘MANTIS gigs, and both tours (METAL FOR MUTHAS & MAIDENS first headline tour, on which we supported them ),and details all the ridicoulous situations that we go into on the road!) It contains about 12 early Maiden pix, plus various shots of ‘Mantis. There are many references to other bands and members from around the time, and I’m sure it will be a very interesting and amusing read !!!”

These are the words of original Iron maiden guitarist Bob Angelo, who later joined Praying Mantis.

He is currently looking for a publisher for the book.

For more information or to arrange interviews for both press and publishers please contact : OR

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