Marios Metal Mania (IT) ‘Sanctuary’ review

Marios Metal Mania

United Kingdom
2009 Kostas Kounadinis
Style: Melodic Metal
Running time: 61:40 (Tracks: 12)

Hard Rock veterans Praying Mantis are back with a brand new studio album. The Troy brothers have recruited a new line up and present us the long anticipated “Sanctuary”.

Initially I was planning on writing a huge text but to be honest there are not many things one can write.

The Mantis is back with yet another winner. “Sanctuary” is an instant classic, a shinning jewel upon the band’s crown. Everything yells Mantis.

The classic melodies, the addictive choruses, every single piece of music bears the Troy Bros seal.

The new singer is absolutely fabulous (yet another brilliant choice) and does the songs justice with his heartfelt performances.

Grab this one immediately.

Finding albums like this in our days is almost impossible.

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