Melodic Frontier (Japan) 'Sanctuary' review|en&u=….



Label : Frontiers Records | Cat-No.
: FRCD416 | Release Date : 2009.06.05

1. In Time 2. Restless Heart 3. Tears In The Rain
4. So High 5. Lonely Way Home 6. Touch The Rainbow 7. Threshold of a Dream 8.
Playing God 9. Highway 10. Sanctuary

UK Industrial lyrical melodic hard rock band 8th. Tino & Chris of Troy from this work that all members except the brothers renewed. In the past few film is not of ability to express high
quality melodic music band structure of the vocal skills shortage and instability, whose expressive world feel worthy of the band with Mike Freeland (Vocals) that received The beautifully restored. While previous work had a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, the beauty has been restored by the twin lead a lyrical dramatic developments, which runs through a unique tracking MANTIS
thorough clause. Declined slightly by one of the featured chorus harmonies, I resonate with the emotional coming from say the melody is also brought new techniques and the replacement of vocalist expression. From previous work in the long blank dawn, the cry MANTIS his strong appeal to the dramatic revival.

Score : 9 / 10