Metal Invader – (Greece): Sanctuary Review


Praying Mantis – 5 Sanctuary

(Frontiers Records)
Total Time: 50:58

Mantis did it again man.
Yes I would expect nothing by those British
pioneers of electric Rocking melody than another catchy, hard as a rock
and melodic masterpiece.

Sanctuary is already on my top ten list with
the albums of the year. Why? Because is one of those albums that you
are listening from the beginning to the end without skipping any track,
because it is full of inspired melodic Hard Rock songs, enforced by
beautiful leads and crystal clear vocals, because all the songs has
this magic Praying Mantis touch, because one of the best songs of the
album (In Time) is the album opening track (following this little
Praying Mantis Tradition) and because Praying Mantis are still offering
MUSIC to our ears, nothing more and nothing less.

I already pointed the leads and the vocals as the powerful picks of the
album nut I got to add the keyboards and their secret melodies that add
more beauty to the songs and of course the solid rythim section that
offers this heavy basis to all the music of the latest Mantis album.
All these brought to you under a loud and clear production.

Well I really was in the need of such an album lately and it seems that
there are many more people out there that have fed up with the noisy
crap and need some good hard rocking melodies. I got a good example in
here as in the first day of latest Hermoupolis Indie Rock Festival –a
local fest that I organize in my home island in Greece-, I used the
latest Mantis CD as a music filler between the live bands, after the
show finished I went back on the sound board to get my CD only to find
the sound engineer –who do not really know Mantis- commenting at me:
“hey Chris, this was a nice CD”. You see…? It is not only me! Well if
this album has the power to attract someone not into Mantis, imagine
what it would do to you that are already addicted to their magic! A

Reviewer: Chris Papadakis