Metal Switzerland ‘Metalmorphosis’ review

Praying Mantis – Metalmorphosis

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Artist : Praying Mantis
Album: Metalmorphosis
Website :
Sales : Own production
Release : 27/05/2011

Praying Mantis was founded in 1975 and 1981 released her debut album “Time Tells No Lies”, which earned the band rave reviews. They were considered a great hope of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). The second album was released but then for various legal reasons, was only ten years later and it happened to Praying Mantis. They broke up and fiddled around but still. In 1985, under the name Stratus took an album (“Throwing Shapes”) on. Sat at the drums, former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr. Soon after, you could complete a tour in Japan and has played with Paul Di’Anno and Dennis Stratton (both ex-Iron Maiden). After this tour there was a new record deal. Paul Di’Anno left the band but to work with his band “Killers” to advance. Then followed five albums with five different vocalists and wanted success and did not want to use. Except in Japan, the band hardly anyone took notice.

Only in 2005 again came right movement in the matter and in the meantime the band played at the Headbanger’s Open Air, at the Bang Your Head Festival, Sweden Rock, and many other festivals. Performances throughout Europe are the reward for hard work and the fact that you never gave up. Publish “Metalmorphosis” The British now have a self-produced EP with five songs.

The current lineup consists of the two founding members and brothers Chris and Tino Troy and Benjamin Reid, Mike Freeland and Andy Burgess. At the present Silberling, the band has recorded five of her own songs again. The opener, “Children Of The Earth” comes from their first album and is reminiscent of the early works Maiden. “Praying Mantis” is a groovy rock track inspired by some of Thin Lizzy. Then with “Lovers To The Grave” and “Panic In The Streets” followed by two songs from her debut. It sounds like “Lovers To The Grave” exactly like Pink Floyd.
At the end of the CD is their debut single, “Captured City” is heard, which was first heard on the compilation “Metal For Muthas”.

“Captured City” is a classic metal song. “Metalmorphosis” is an EP that a good insight into the work of the band there. The CD can be purchased directly from the band on their website. It is worthwhile in any case.