Metalized Magazine Denmark ‘Sanctuary’ review

Metalized Magazine Denmark ‘Sanctuary’ review – big thank you to Ole Bach 🙂




Praying Mantis got together way back in 1977 by the two brothers Tino and Chris Troy and they are still in the band. Very impressive because the band through the years have changed line up many times, and despite of that the band have done many fine albums where the album Time Tell No Lies from 1981 is one of the greatest melodic rock albums ever.

But now back to the new album Sanctuary and what a brilliant performance, one great track after another is pumping out with some great killer guitars and the whole band is playing like a dream. And the singer Mike Freeland sings just fantastic what a fine voice he is just a world class singer, where has he been all these years. Praying Mantis has done a catch to have him as a singer in the band.

It is very hard to take some specific tracks out because they are all so great stuff. But In Time and Touch The Rainbow is some stunning tracks, and fans of AOR have to hear the number Highway which is leaning up against Journey. On Tears In The Rain the tears was coming up in my eyes because a very beautiful number with great feeling and a killer number and must do the female sex very moved.

I just hope many people will give this album a chance and this great band a check out because they are in world class, and the deserve full points because the album got right to my heart at the first time it hit my ears…..

Tunge Bach/Metalized Magazine.


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