Musik An Sich: ‘Metalmorphosis’ review

Praying Mantis ‘Metalmorphosis’


Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Release: 22.02.2011

(Own production)

Total playing time: 28:01


There are many bands from the era of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, which never made ​​the final breakthrough, although they have outstanding song material. Praying Mantis is one of those bands.

After all, the band around singer Mike Freeland 30 years until now held by many. 30 years is a long time and a reason to celebrate an anniversary. Praying Mantis have dug deep into their treasure chest, and “Children Of The Earth”, “Lovers To The Grave” and “Panic In The Streets” three songs from their debut album as well as “Captured City” and “Praying Mantis” track again.

The band has always stood for a mixture of the rough-and early metal from England as well as some much more melodic influences. Although the song was the technical production of dust blown from the notes, but you notice that the song material has a few more years under his belt. But that’s what makes the charm of the EP Metalmorphosis.

Metalmorphosis can safely be recommended to any fan of the NWOBHM and the modern production can also younger metal fans with the release of the songs start something. Metalmorphosis it is only through the website of the band refer to. It’s worth it!

Rainer Janaschke

Track List
1 Children Of The Earth 6:25
2 Praying Mantis 4:18
3 Lovers To The Grave 5:53
4 Panic In The Streets 4:43
5 Captured City 6:42

Chris Troy: Bass, Vocals
Tino Troy: Guitars, Vocals
Andy Burgess: Guitar
Benjy Reid: Drums
Mike Freeland: Vocals