New Album: Legacy Update

Mantis have now completed the recording of the forthcoming album “Legacy”.

The band are still in discussion with the record company Frontiers as to the exact release date, however the anticipated release will be early June 2015 in the UK and Europe with a subsequent release in Japan and the rest of the world..

The new album will feature songs with the following titles:

Fight for your honour
The one
Better man
All I see
Here to stay
The Runner
Eyes of a child
Here to Stay
Fallen Angel
Second time around

The early reviews of the songs have been outstanding and there is a real buzz beginning to emerge that this could be the best album that Mantis have ever put together!
This album will feature the two new members Jaycee Cuijpers and Hans in t Zandt ( vocals and percussion ) who have provided a new dimension to the writing and performances.

Tino Troy and Andy Burgess have been instrumental not only in the writing of the songs, but in providing a new vision in terms of the sound engineering and production of the songs with the recording having been carried out in various recording studios in Belgium, Netherlands and UK.

As per the current album entitled Sanctuary, the mixing of the new album has been carried out by Andrew Riley in his studio in Atlanta.
The mastering has been done by the legendary Colin Leonard in the States who has mastered for highly successful named stars in the States.

The song “Fight for your honour” will be the single taken off the album with a probable release date in UK of May 2015.

One of the most influential and famous artists in the rock field Rodney Matthews has been commissioned to do the artwork for the album and rest assured it will be of the style and stunning quality that so many fans loved on the original album “Time tells no Lies” and the later album “Predator in disguise”.

Watch this space for further details as they emerge.

The guys will soon embark on a mini tour in Germany culminating in the Frontiers Rock festival II in Trezzo Milan, Italy on the 11th-12th April 2015.
This will feature other bands of a similar music style to Mantis including Joe Lyn Turner, Pride of Lions ( Jim Peterik from the band Survivor ), FM, Eclipse and a whole host of other quality bands.


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