On The Road Webzine (BRA/JAP) 'Sanctuary' review


This band was formed just before the famous NWOBHM movement, where bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, among others, started this movement of the heavy metal exposure in the early 80s.

Among the bands, was also the English band formed by brothers Tino and Chris Troy, which differ from those bands with more of a more melodic sound, tending more to the hard rock / melodic rock / AOR.
The band has had 3 ex-members of Iron Maiden in their training, Paul Dianno, Dennis Stratton and Clive Burr during the years and launched albums with some live covers of Iron Maiden.

In addition they also have had vocalists such as Doogie White, Gary Barden, Tony O’Hora.

The band already had a list of vocalists, all very good, and this new work entitled “Sanctuary”, includes the debut of a new vocalist in Mike Freeland, and I can say with surety that the band hit full on in choosing him as singer, his voice combined with the very sound of the Praying Mantis.

With the arrival of Mike, the sound of the Praying Mantis has a sound more melodic, more AOR, with excellent melodies with killer harmonies (another feature of the band) and arrangements made well.

Just listen to pearls like “In Time” which will prove what I have said, that a faster track, with great riffs, guitar duets from and where you see the great performance of vocalist Mike Freeland.
One of the major highlights of the cd is without doubt the track “Restless Heart”, try listening to that track and not with your emotions chorus, if you can, congratulations, you’re dead!

It is difficult to highlight great music in an album like this, it just became something deja-vu, where the emphasis goes to the majority of tracks, and makes something repeatedly to say, and once again I must repeat, over a track to highlight in “Tears In The Rain”, a slower track, where once again the vocals are outstanding

Like the other killer track more to the AOR “So High,” impossible not enjoy the melodies of this track.

If you likes Journey, the track “Highway” remembers well the band, and the urge check that out too much, and this album for anyone who likes the band, or for those who still do not know, is the ideal opportunity and unforgettable.

Rating: 9 / 10


Link – Praying Mantis