Praying Mantis hit Cambridge Rock Festival 2010

After a great performance on the Saturday at The Bull in Colchester, the Mantis lads then travelled on the Sunday to a field in the depths of Cambridgeshire, where a gathering of fans accumulated at the now Cult Festival Cambridge Rock.

This was Praying Mantis’ second appearance at the festival, with performing last year on the Radio Caroline and being promoted this year to the Main Stage.

The fan attendance was fantastic and both the band and onlookers were clearly enjoying themselves.

Here are a couple of photo links and a review from Get Ready To Rock Webzine.

Check out these links full of rocking photo’s of Praying Mantis performing at Cambridge Rock Festival 2010 – many thanks to Stephen Turner Photography, Lisa de Araujo, Sally Newhouse & Wol Fie.

The Praying Mantis Team

Stephen Turner Photography – Praying Mantis Cambridge Rock Festival

Praying Mantis – Facebook – Cambridge Rock Festival

Lisa de Araujo – Praying Mantis Photos

Sally Newhouse’s Photos: Praying Mantis Cambridge Rock Festival 2010 ( Cheers Sally )

More Carnnage Captured by Wol Fie. PRAY MANTIS Cambridge Rock 2010