Punk, Hard & Heavy ‘Metalmorphosis’ review – Thanks to Wolfgang W!

“Metalmorphosis” of “Praying Mantis” (2011, self-distribution)

Band Photo 1 Praying Mantis - Praying Mantis
Band Photo 1 Praying Mantis –Praying Mantis
The 30-year anniversary gift, the British “Prayin Mantis” themselves and the fans a treat: an EP with 5 new recordings of classic band!

The basics of the NWOBHM pioneers (= New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) “Praying Mantis” rich indeed back to the year 1972, already nearly 40 years, but the 30th Anniversary of the debut album “Time Tells No Lies” (1981) has taken the band around the brothers Tino and Chris Troy as an opportunity to serve in the current occupation of himself and the fans a little treat – the “30th Anniversary Edition – Metalmorphosis” on the five band classics have been re. The CD comes in a chic, so digipak with embossed imprint is applied and knows how to inspire and content completely.

Five Songs for NWOBHM gourmets from “Praying Mantis” reissued

While on the current disc “Metalmorphosis – 30th Anniversary Edition – Special Edition” of the British NWOBHM-founder “Praying Mantis” only five songs included, this is still the only all new recordings of old classics – but that’s nothing, after all, is it is an EP, which has primarily celebrating the tenth anniversary for its own purpose. And the handful of songs among the best of what you find so in the field of traditional Heavy Metal: “Children Of The Earth”, “Lovers To The Grave,” “Panic In The Streets” (all from their debut album “Time Tells No Lies” ), “Praying Mantis” from the first self-titled EP in June 1980) and “Captured City” (from “Metal For Muthas” compilation, also from 1980). In other words, five out of a genuine classic of classics ranging Song History …

Successful fusion of Hard Rock and AOR

“Praying Mantis” – the name means “praying mantis” – has always stood for the blending of hard rock music, which definitely pushed forward in heavy metal regions, with the radio-friendly AOR-music (= Adult Oriented Rock). That they have mastered this profession from the inside out, can be listened to, especially in the semi-ballad “Lovers To The Grave” impressive. The first part of the five and a half-minute number is a typical radio-ballad, as they also have the “Scorpions” not done any better, but after that is neatly pressed the accelerator and the song rocks still very neat. From the great knack for catchy melodies, not to mention …

The praying mantis as a rock goddess – “Praying Mantis”

As a true rock gods the gifts are five songs on the “30th Anniversary Edition – Metalmorphosis” thus – “Panic in the Streets” for example, confident with driving double-bass attacks on an absolutely absolute majority capable chorus. Neusänger Mike Freeland (since 2006 it) sings powerfully and properly fed and transported alive the old numbers, together with his bandmates impressively into the 21st Century over! Overall, it is at this birthday gift to one more worthy than recorded music, which is the ideal introduction for newcomers to band aid and for one scene veterans nice nostalgic trip into the past. To quote the motto of one or stylistically similar band from the UK – the next 30 years mantises sound: “Up the Mantis!”

Production data and tracklist “Metalmorphosis – 30th Anniversary Edition – Special Edition” of “Praying Mantis” (2011)

Production data:

  • Year of Publication: 2011
  • Line-up: Mike Freeland (vocals), Andy Burgess (guitar and vocals), Benjy Reid (drums and percussion), Chris Troy (bass and vocals), Tino Troy (guitar and vocals)
  • Song: 5, Length: 27:39 minutes
  • Producers: Wes Maebe and Praying Mantis
  • Studio: Snap Studios, London
  • Photos: Allan Perry, Wolfie, Jon Hincliffe, Lisa de Araujo, Gerry Lemmins, Sally Newhouse
  • Label: self-distribution
  • Management: Rock’n’Growl


  1. Children Of The Earth 2011
  2. Praying Mantis 2011
  3. Lovers To The Grave 2011
  4. Panic In The Streets 2011
  5. Captured City 2011

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