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Metalmorphosis (30th Anniversary EP) Praying Mantis
Metalmorphosis (30th Anniversary EP)
Self Released

The English celebrate thirty years of existence and melody, thus they have released this beautiful EP! Five songs inside, re-recorded by the current line up, with “Children of the Earth”, “Lovers to the grave” and “Panic in the streets” coming from their legendary album “Time tell no lies”, released in 1981! Same title track comes from the seven inch the band bolstered in 1980 and “Captured city” is a 1979 thunder! “Soundhouse tapes” part two… “Sanctuary”, their 2009 studio album, had received numerous fantastic reviews and the fans practically loved it. So, the boys have left time behind them and they only value it when talking about the next gig; apparently they also thought about doing a lil’ surprise for the fans. You can find the EP over their official website and/or purchase it at the next Praying Mantis concert! The band has also agreed to give “Children of the Earth” for downloading, with all profits go to the Red Cross for the people suffering in Japan…

No, no, you hardly need any descriptions about the songs of the package. Rock formation, early melodic paint strokes, AOR freshness. Those characteristic NWOBHM melodies are almost everywhere and the style is unique! Marvellous backing vox; can’t possibly find something you won’t like in here…

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Costas Koulis