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Every single release by Praying Mantis is a guarantee for a pleasant –to say the least- sonic result. Melodic metal guitar riffs, uplifting choruses, catchy tunes (even by the first time that you listen to them) etc. All the hardcore, purist N.W.O.B.H.M. fans have denounced them for their tergiversation from the sound of that excellent debut of the early 80s, but the truth is that Praying Mantis have released much better records since then…

“Sanctuary” does not stray from the aforementioned rule…there are songs in there like “Lonely Way Home” and “Touch The Rainbow” that still impress even the most reserved listener and a couple ones that simply cannot stand the test or the comparison with the past. Isn’t that natural, after all? Who really expected a new “Best Years” or a new “Can’t See The Angels” from Praying Mantis in 2009? The good thing is that the atmosphere of “Sanctuary” remains the same with the familiar Praying Mantis albums and that’s the most important fact!

Highlight: Impressive cover sleeve…

Sakis Nikas


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