Sentinel Web Mag ‘Sanctuary’ Review

PRAYING MANTIS “Sanctuary” (2009)
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Dammit, how I love to do a review of a new disc of Praying Mantis, not by writing, but because one of my beloved rock, with which I grew up, groups continues in the gap with what that means. Additionally, with a record like this, that keep some of the identity characterized them in the early 1980s, the melody and folded guitars.

Hispano-griegos brothers, Tino and Chris Troy, formed the band in 1977 and Neal Kay, as with many other groups of the time, acted as Godfather a couple of years later, when recorded them “The Soundhouse Tapes” and made that they were included in the compilation “metal for Muthas” and compete with the new groups that arose at the time, such as Saxon, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Diamond Head, and many others.

They were large after supporting the first Iron Maiden tour by his own country and publish his magnificent “Time Tells No Lies” debut in 1981, with the cover so suggestive that made us snacks to all, although after the promising disk disbanded as a sugar in coffee within the tangle of new groups emerged in England at that time, so they threw a decade entire missing in combat. Then returned to recording, already in the ‘ 90s, a little more dulcificando his music, and with many illustrious names passed through their ranks, as Dennis Stratton, Clive Burr and Paul DiAnno (ex-Iron Maiden three), Bernie Shaw and John Sloman (singers, among others, Uriah Heep), Gary Barden (MSG) or Doogie White (Rainbow).

Today the group is formed by Tino Troy (guitar and vocals), Chris Troy (bass and vocals), Mike Freeland (lead vocals), Andy Burgess (guitar) and Benjamin Reid (drums), and are basically devoted some years already, to melodic Hard Rock with a result rather than good.

The example is this last album, exploitable from beginning to end without waste. We are not talking about a ñoña work of old rockers seeking life continue winning through singing to all audiences, but a large disk Hard melodic rock, made with criterion and wisdom (you can check listening details, each on your site), and quality in the sound and musicians at the height of the style, groups as a Magnum for example.

It is a pity that a group which promised therefore called to compete with the greats of the genre, has been in residual, for nostalgic or search of treasures. I hope that with this “sanctuary” to be returned to the place that would take thirty years ago.

Great disk

Alvar de Flack