Royal Standard (Walthamstow – London)- 25th Oct 1995

Praying Mantis – Royal Standard (Walthamstow – London)- 25th
Oct 1995 by Georgios

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I have seen Praying Mantis in Royal Standard (Walthamstow – London) on the 25th
of October 1995, after an unsuccessful attempt to watch them, a mare 4(?) days
prior to this gig, playing in an elusive far away-exotic place in Acton that no
cab driver or any one local to the area didn’t know about. We could not find,
this place even though we were going around and around, and we were also asking
all the local people we could meet Praying Mantis in Royal Standard (Walthamstow
– London) on the 25th of October 1995t, in order to get some information.(The
Troy brothers told me later that this gig never took place, anyway!).

When I learned that they were playing this venue which I have visited in the
past, and after confirming over the phone with the owners of the venue, that
Praying Mantis WAS going to play, (the band has been announced as Praying
Mantis, in both this, and the Acton [non]event !!), that I just made the travel
to North London. Who could I afford to miss the legends after all? (For your
information they were playing this gig as a warm up, for their (then)
forthcoming Japanese tour).They played well, concentrating in the newest
material, (but they also played some old material, sending shivers to my spine),
and I had the chance to speak to the best drummer that the N.W.O.B.H.M
“movement” has spawned, the fantastic Mr. Clive Burr. He turned out to be a
very, very polite and nice person. I was trying to find him immediately after
the show has finished, in order to show him my appreciation for his drum playing
(and ? you’ve guest it ,to have his autographs). I could not find him anywhere,
but Dennis Stratton has managed to find him for me, and started introducing me,
by saying :

“here is a guy who want to speak to you”. (Bear in mind I was not officially a
member of the Hellenic Metal Hammer at that moment, and I was just visiting as a
fan, not as a reporter).At the moment he was drinking beer with a female (friend
or relative), been seated on one of the tables. I could not believe that he
jumped up to give me his hand and start signing everything I was giving to him.

He was so nice to me that in a way I felt bad, and after a point I’ve stopped
giving him albums to sign. (I have only given to him to sign what I have
considered to be “of immediate priority”). He must have had a big surprise when
I have given to him the first Samson single, where he used to play, prior to his
career with the then almighty Iron Maiden. He went:

“Oh dear!” and then, “where did you get this??”, and started to look at the
cover of the single in disbelief, and slightly embarrassed I guess, laughing all
the way through (the time that it took him to sign and make the dedication).
Immediately after, I’ve started telling him that I consider him to be the best
N.W.O.B.H.M drummer and that only Duncan Scott the first Diamond
Head–Gods!!!!– drummer comes close, as far as I’m concerned. He was very shy
about that. He gave me the impression that he was thinking that I was going a
little bit over the top with my statement, and then he told me that “I should
have played better today though?” What a modest guy!! I’m playing the drums
myself, and believe me, he was really great on the night. Talking about a
perfectionist, shy, and very humble person? I guess so!

All the best, Georgios Sidiropoulos.

(London Correspondent for Hellenic (Greek) Metal Hammer)


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