Only The Children Cry

Only The Children Cry was released 1993
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD PCCY-01292 Pony Canyon Japan
CD PCCY-00490 Pony Canyon Japan

Track List
Title Writers
01. Only The Children Cry Troy/Troy/Stratton 4′ 30″
02. Who’s Life Is It Anyway Troy/Troy/Stratton/Bisland/Thompson-Smith 4′ 35″
03. A Moment In Life Troy/Troy/Peel 5′ 57″
04. Turn The Tables Troy/Troy 5′ 20″

Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar,Vocals
Chris Troy Bass,Vocals
Dennis Stratton Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Bisland Drums
Mark Thompson-Smith Lead Vocals

Interview Links
What Source
Mark Thompson-Smith Exclusive

Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•Boundary Row Studios, London •Norman Goodman and Tino Troy
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Kalle Trapp •Andie Airfix
General Notes

From Back of single

From Promotion Postcard

Moment in Life contains a new vocal on top of the A cry for a New World instrument mix. The intro of this track was reduced by about 10 seconds. The girl on the front cover is Dennis’s Daughter’s


I have been a Praying Mantis fan since I first heard "Captured City" on Metal for Muthas. Time Tells No Lies has always been on of my favourite albums and I was overjoyed when I first discovered it was out on CD. I didn't know what had happened after the first album until in about 1994 I discovered "A Cry For The New World". I was worried about getting it as I thought it had to be a disappointment but I was wrong. I loved it and have followed the band and maintained this website ever since.

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2 comments on “Only The Children Cry
  1. Rick Gillyon says:

    Contact Rick at

    The single, Only The Children Cry is a bit of an oddity. Only
    four tracks, two of them reworks, one itself reworked on TTPOT,
    so the only exclusive song is Who’s Life Is It Anyway (sic). The
    value of this item, which will set you back 10ukp from Lost Horizons,
    is the vocalist. Mark Thompson-Smith is the guy PM should have
    held on to…

    The title track was reworked on TTPOT, but this is far more interesting
    version. Thompson-Smith puts real feeling into the song, and shows
    a vocal range which is sadly lacking in Gary Barden’s version.
    Make no mistake, this is the best version of the song available.

    The second track, the grammatically-incorrect Who’s Life Is It
    Anyway, is not available elsewhere and is probably one of the
    more metal songs Mantis have done. Excellent guitar work, great
    harmonies and a superb voice. Good stuff.

    A Moment In Life is a remake of the Cry For The New World track,
    with Thompson-Smith once again riding roughshod over the previous
    version. It is hard not to be impressed by the emotion expressed

    Final cut, Turn The Tables, is an impressive romp through this
    old standard. I prefer Bernie Shaw’s vocals on this one, but I’m
    sure that is more due to familiarity than anything else. The singing
    is excellent, and the song is still the greatest Mantis have ever
    written. Pity about the unnecessary keyboards though.

    Overall, the single provides an interesting listen. It’s a pity
    there aren’t a few more new tracks, but I’m not sorry to have
    paid 10ukp (I know one person who paid 17ukp!!). I think this
    points us to the singer Mantis *should* have used on TTPOT and

  2. Only the children cry
    This japanese version I have is a short EP. 4 songs. Not bad ones: Only the children cry, A moment in life, Who’s life is it anyway and Turn the tables.
    To be honest there is time since I do not hear this one… but overall is not bad.
    This was done during the time ‘another record, another singer’ and Mark Thompson-Smith is not a bad singer but not a great one. Just average, and in my opinion I prefer vocals from Troy’s brothers 🙂

    8/10 nice to have, great collectable.

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