A Cry For The New World

A Cry For The New World was released 1993
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD PCCY-00422 Pony Canyon Japan
CD PCCY-01291 Pony Canyon Japan
CD CDFLAG 80 Under One Flag UK
HQCD PCCY-50025 Pony Canyon Japan
Track List
Title Writers Length
01. Rise Up Again Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 4′ 10″
02. A Cry For The New World Praying Mantis 5′ 28″
03. A Moment In Life Troy/Troy/Peel 6′ 00″
04. Letting Go Troy/Troy 7′ 32″
05. One Chance Troy/Troy/Bisland 5′ 30″
06. Dangerous Praying Mantis 5′ 28″
07. Fight To Be Free Troy/Troy 7′ 08″
08. Open Your Heart Praying Mantis 5′ 23″
09. Dream On Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 5′ 34″
10. Journeyman Troy/Troy/Peel 6′ 59″
11. The Final Eclipse Troy/Fflounders 2′ 27″
Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar,Vocals
Chris Troy Bass,Vocals
Dennis Stratton Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Bisland Drums
Colin Peel Lead Vocals
Interview Links
What Source
Colin Peel Exclusive
Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•Boundary Row Studios, London and Highlander Productions, Braunsweig, Germany •Tino Troy And Gary Flounders
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Kalle Trapp •Andie Airfix
General Notes
The picture on the front cover is Dennis’s Daughters Eye

The 93 band

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