“All Stars” Video appearance

“All Stars” Video appearance

All Stars was featured in a video Metal XS volume 3 (Fotodisk MXS 003).

All in all 10 minutes worth as follows:-

Starts with various studio clips and Samson’s “Good to see you again”. Then an
Explanations from Lea Hart and Chris O’shaugnessy about why the album was made.
Then First Strike and a bit on them plus a clip of the promo of “Girls of the

Next Dennis Stratton (DS) “Hello I am Dennis Stratton. And I have slept with Lea

Tino Troy (TT) “Hello I am Tino Troy. I haven’t really got a big nose it’s the
Camera Lens. Cheers!”

TT “The reason we came back from this tour of Japan with er My Brother Chris
Troy, Dennis here, sitting right next to me, Paul Dianno and Bruce Bisland (Ex
Statetrooper). The tour was immense. It was great. I couldn’t believe it.”

DS “At the moment for myself and Tino there is a lot going on regarding the All
Stars and the Praying Mantis thing. We’ve Two Albums coming out in Japan (Live
and Predator). You can’t really predict what way we’re going to go. I think the
best way to do this is to carry on Writing songs”

TT “We were meant to go out there 9 or 10 years ago. It did not happen due to
management .. You know everything failing. We did not actually manage to make it
out there. So they have been staved out of the name for the last 9 or 10 years.
So when we did go out there, they just sort of welcomed us with open arms. It
was brilliant.”

Next is a shot of Tino and Bruce Bisland (BB) discussing a guitar

TT “What do you think of these guitars Bruce?”

BB “I think they are marvelous especially the wood. It’s a nice colour” (I think
he is putting on a funny accent.)

TT Laughing “Nice colours?”

BB “Yes Nice colours and the Black bit on the Back”

TT “And the contours?”

BB “Contours. Very nice. I like them. Yes”

TT “And the Stripey bits?” Pointing to the strings.

BB “Oh the stripey bits are lovely Yes”

TT “You like the Miniature knobs?”

BB “Mmm”

TT “You like a small knob?”

BB “I do like a small knob. Oh yes I do like a small knob”

Samson Interview clip (very short)

Girlschool Interview clip

DS “I am Paul Dianno. Couldn’t get in touch with me Because my phone has been
cut off and I have got to go on tour”

Various others claiming to be Dianno

3 second clip of Dianno Singing “She’s is Danger” in what looks like a Promo
clip. (Has anyone seen this? Can it be bought?)

Hart and O’Shaugnessy saying it was nice getting Stratton to do something
sounding 1990’s like.

Studio of clip of Dennis doing “One Good reason” then a bit from the Promo and
then back to the studio this time with Tino Dennis and others “doing” backing


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