Other Sites of potential interest

Other Sites of potential interest

The Praying Mantis myspace page is at


For Info on Bruce Bisland’s other band check out Andy’s Scotts version of The Sweet

For Tino and Chris Troy’s band check out the Paddy Goes To Hollyhead website

Total Rock Radio is a Mantis friendly radio station

AOR LAND is a reviews based site that wishes to become an useful source of information for all the fans. The latest releases plus bios, interviews, links and more can be found inside.

AOR Heaven is a reviews based Shop.

For THE Strutter’Zine AOR Website¬†Click here

For the Samson homepage Click here

For Thunderstick’s page Click here

For Defender’s Di’Anno/Battlezone page. Click here

For a Page on Tank. Click here

Click Here For The Metal zone

For Vinyl Tap a second hand shop with a search engine of their stock which includes a good selection of NWOBHM Click here

Lost Horizons have a good section of NWOBHM and Heavy Rock in general.

For more on me Click here

I also have Pages for the Band Lyadrive whose drummer I got to know as a fan of Praying Mantis

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