Only The Children Cry

Only The Children Cry was released 1993
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD PCCY-01292 Pony Canyon Japan
CD PCCY-00490 Pony Canyon Japan

Track List
Title Writers
01. Only The Children Cry Troy/Troy/Stratton 4′ 30″
02. Who’s Life Is It Anyway Troy/Troy/Stratton/Bisland/Thompson-Smith 4′ 35″
03. A Moment In Life Troy/Troy/Peel 5′ 57″
04. Turn The Tables Troy/Troy 5′ 20″

Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar,Vocals
Chris Troy Bass,Vocals
Dennis Stratton Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Bisland Drums
Mark Thompson-Smith Lead Vocals

Interview Links
What Source
Mark Thompson-Smith Exclusive

Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•Boundary Row Studios, London •Norman Goodman and Tino Troy
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Kalle Trapp •Andie Airfix
General Notes

From Back of single

From Promotion Postcard

Moment in Life contains a new vocal on top of the A cry for a New World instrument mix. The intro of this track was reduced by about 10 seconds. The girl on the front cover is Dennis’s Daughter’s


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