AVE METAL .COM WEBZINE: ‘Metalmorphosis’ review

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Written by: Mortis

NWOBHM veterans on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of their debut album ‘Time Tells No Lies’ decided to release a special EP. Especially for her re-recorded five old pieces of the group. There are plenty of them, so let me mention their titles – “Children Of The Grave ‘,’ Praying Mantis’, ‘Lovers To The Grave’, ‘Panic In The Streets’ and’ Captured City ‘. Like the old versions so and came out very well today. But I have to admit that ‘Children Of The Earth’ spoke more to me in the original execution. But other pieces no longer has this problem. Anyway over the years many changes in the composition did not prevent the team back to the 80s Praying Mantis said, not the last word, as evidenced by the fine, issued in 2009, the album ‘Sanctuary’. Fame of his colleagues from the Iron Maiden has certainly not reached, but they are loyal group of fans. And this group will grow more, rather than decreased.