Headbangers Open Air: ‘Metalmorphosis’ Review

After the TYGERS OF PAN TANG now begin the NWOBHM stalwarts PRAYING MANTIS, as an anniversary gift to the fans to submit their old hits with the current occupation of a makeover. With great success. The melodic hard rockers “Children of the Earth” from ’81, “Time Tells No Lies” album has definitely more power and even going through as a proto-metal. The single track “Praying Mantis” is spiced up with a nice Hammond organ and is more relaxed, but still powerful geschubbert like the original from that time, more than 30 years, from the speakers. What’s next? “Lovers to the grave”? Friends, I and you, Sir Lord Doom and PRAYING MANTIS, which will remain an eternal love. Even with the new version of one of the best classic rock ballads of all time is on this emotional bond, is perhaps even intensified, the bringing into it the more mature gentlemen here even more feeling.
The gaudy piece NWOBHM “Panic in the Streets” from their debut album rocks the house then very forcefully, is also still a bit heavier than the original version, which is not in production, but the unbridled enthusiasm of the musicians. “Captured City”, probably the hit song by the British, is heavier, earthy and edgy presented is, of course, still the same wonderful song like 1981, in the new version just harsh and metallic. I know both versions are on their way to appreciate and express my praise has to MANTIS. Great music, really great music. As with the TYGERS I wonder if this way does not respawn even the old fire, the passion of the initial phase. The band over the years was always good and solid, but there is always a little more. The brothers show with this EP. Compulsory for all NWOBHM fanatics!