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Praying Mantis – Sanctuary

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Rating: 8.5 / 10

Praying Mantis dates their ‘beginnings in the ’70s
back to where they belonged to the conglomerate of bands that we today
associate the movement of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The commercial success of
many of their former allies, the troops around the brothers Tino and Chris
Troy, unfortunately, never recorded.
The fun of Freud have allowed themselves to the
gentlemen from the UK, despite countless lineup changes never take anyway, so
they also play music anno 2009 working together.

is the latest work of the Praying Mantis, which has over 10 fantastic
episodes of two common denominators: namely, MELODY, and polyphony.

Neo-Nightingale Mike
Freeland on the mic singing the fully supple vocal lines, and the creamy-voiced
polyphonic choruses at the studio so hard that the gooseflesh factor during the
hearing of “Sanctuary” remains
consistently high. The patches of twin-guitar leads and the solo play the
guitar the Group provide additional finesse of the second row.

Solid rhythm work and
the finest keyboard inserts make this album not only a composer but also an
artisanal whoopee.

Call killer songs
like “Touch The Rainbow,” Playing God “,” So High “or the
In Time “- to name just a few of
the numerous Scan Tips – mostly beat the score of first-class melodic metal,
although the band places a corridor, which culminates with “Highway”
even in a classic melodic rock AOR-song with some chocolate sprinkles on top.

– Ladies and Gentlemen – of course,
Praying Mantis invent the wheel of time is not new – but if any classic rock
sounds with a lot of emotion and melody in the top modern dress like sound, the
“Sanctuary” is
an absolute MUST!

Praying Mantis – “ Playing God

Trackliste Tracklist

  1. In Time
  2. Restless Heart
  3. Tears In The Rain
  4. So High
  5. Lonely Way Home
  1. Touch The Rainbow
  2. Threshold Of A Dream
  3. Playing God
  4. Highway
  5. Sanctuary

by Praying Mantis


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