Heavy Sound FR: ‘Metalmorphosis’ feature

Metalmorphosis 30th Anniversary EP

PRAYING MANTIS celebrates its 30-year career with the release of this EP Metalmorphosis 30th Anniversay. A 5 track cd that comes after the excellent Sanctuary and deserves as one stops there. Two main reasons, one being three titles “Children Of The Earth”, “Lovers To The Grave,” “Panic In The Streets” a very good debut album Time Tells No Lies revisited for the occasion by the current line up, and the second is that the EP is on two titles “Praying Mantis”, “Captured City” (which I do not know) came out a priori only a single. So with the class, Praying Mantis gives new life to these five titles and offers a fine gift that will delight fans and others may discover a great band from the NWOBHM.

Chronic Nigel Stargazer

The 30/03/2011


01. Children Of The Earth

02. Praying Mantis

03. Lovers To The Grave

04. Panic In The Streets

05. Captured City

Genre: Hard Rock

Country: United Kingdom

Released: February 2011



www.myspace.com / prayingmantisrock

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Line Up

Mike Freeland – Vocals

Tino Troy – Guitar

Andy Burgess – Guitar

Chris Troy – Bass

Benjy Reid – Drums