MetalChroniques: ‘Metalmorphosis’ review

PRAYING MANTIS … a mythical name on the European metal scene. Personally I have found via the fantastic album artwork signed by Rodney Matthews. The English group was founded in the mid-70 led by brothers Troy. It had its boom with the explosion of the early NWOBH 80. Having been on the Metal For Muthas compilation, the label Arista signed their contract and the release of their debut album Time Tells No Lies was well received by critics. Unfortunately problems of line-up and management contributed to the separation of the group. At the beginning of the next decade, the brothers Troy DECIDE to resurrect PRAYING MANTIS. Japanese label Pony Canyon, and they signed a contract in 1991 the band recorded a new album Predator In Disguise. Several other albums followed and the group was formed a solid fan base primarily in Japan. After several lineup changes, the group is still present.
In 2010, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album Time Tells No Lies, the group offers its fans an EP containing 5 tracks of this album re-recorded by the current group. Exercise is sympathetic to rediscover these compositions with a production more modern. No revolution or bold reinterpretation here, the songs are repeated with great respect for the original. Of course there are here and there some minor differences but we would hope that Praying Mantis is loose and reinvents itself. A nice EP, available on the official website, designed especially for fans or those who wish to rediscover a cult.