Lady Metal Webzine: ‘Metalmorphosis’ review

Band: Praying Mantis

Album: Metamorphosis

Label: Pony Canyon

Genre: New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NwoBHM)

Release Date: 20.02.2011

Rezensent: Patrick Schmid

Redaktion: Lady Metal Webzine

Mike Freeland – Vocals
Andy Burgess – Guitar
Tino Troy – Guitar
Chris Troy – Bass
Benjamin “Benjy” Reid – Drums

01. Children of the Earth
02. Praying Mantis
03. Lovers to the Grave
04. Panic in the Streets
05. Captured City

Today I got a new, old classics in the fingers. Freely translated, the Mantises. It is none other than the Praying Mantis speech. The five men who themselves are constantly changing cast a true veteran of the NWOBHM. After 30 years of band history in which they include with style greats like Iron Maiden were on the stage, they decided to bring out an anniversary EP with five songs from the early days of the troops.

I’ve always taken a liking to ‘good old’ discs, but with these five tracks you will feel transported back to the early 80s. What really offers a listening experience as it could be more spectacular. Despite the nostalgic character of the songs did not seem stale. You have a bridge between today and 30 years ago, beaten and that’s what makes the charm of this dark horse.
Conclusion: Friends of the NWoBHM will come here to 100% on their costs. I am sure that this EP even younger semester in which I myself am not necessarily leave you cold be. Here is the motto ‘Practice makes perfect’.

In this sense and with a good feeling in the ear,
Patrick Schmid for your