Metallized: ‘Metalmorphosis’ review

There are names belonging to the rock-metal scene, where it is always nice to come across and one of them is that of the Praying Mantis. Time Tells No Lies They had been in 1981 in the heart of many fans, and even if it was not worth to ensure the band a place in the Olympus of the largest, the title was indeed prophetic, as the name of the Praying Mantis almost universally regarded as very important in the history of the NWOBHM. The band-except some-times has always been active, rotating around the figures of the founding members: the brother Troy, who, proudly carrying high the banner of the praying mantis, continued their musical history along with other musicians. Thirty years have passed from the market Time Tells No Lies, and the band decided to celebrate the anniversary self-produced an EP called Limited Edition Metalmorphosis. The EP contains five tracks recorded by the old line-up today, made arrangements to live longer and slightly more modern sound obviously more powerful than the original.
Of the five songs that make up the tracklist, three are drawn from the historical record just mentioned (Children Of The Earth, Lovers To The Grave and Panic in the Streets), while the other two are Praying Mantis, the first single from the historical and Captured City Group, emerged from the Soundhouse Tapes Part of The tracklist. 2 and the compilation Metal For Muthas. An authentic piece of history of our music, which I hope everyone knows at least in name.

As regards the EPA, Children Of The Earth was, in my opinion the best piece in Time Tells No Lies content, and the light of restyling work delivery this year of grace 2011, with all its qualities intact: most beautiful riffs , good arrangement and guitar solo of great class. The old single-Praying Mantis songwriting shows a still immature, whose limits are contained impetuousness execution and the smell of freedom still perceptible by listening to a piece that, inevitably, can only bring to mind days now far away.
I just said that I consider Children Of The Earth the best piece of Time Tells No Lies, an honor usually given to Lovers To The Grave, gentle song AOR / Hard Rock and the second part has very valid tempo changes, still pleasant to listen to . With Panic In The Streets NWOBHM climax rushes in full: a nice ride metal and naive, perhaps not particularly well organized, which rests on the immediacy and strength on the executive position, the qualities that made only the first wave of the movement of the first metal 80 years. Closure of Ep which is the prerogative of Captured City, the piece taken from the Metal For Muthas compilation, which offers a solid and successful hard rock with a clear Anglo-Saxon.

The songs in question are known and that beyond the obvious improvement in sound, small differences such as the slight lengthening the overall length of the songs, the best vocal interpretation of Freeland than listenable albums of the historical reference and a few fine arrangements, do not change the substance of the songs at all.
Metalmorphosis is a short gem that should be attention from old fans of the group, and to a greater extent by young people who want to get an idea of ​​what it once was and how we came to what we are today. It ‘nice to have some fixed points, even if we almost never do, but when you need a reliable point of support, they are always, and I like that.