Metal Integral France ‘Sanctuary’ review

Metal Integral France:
Praying Mantis ‘Sanctuary’ review


Style : Hard Rock
Support : MP3 – Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
10track(s) – 51minute(s)

Label(s) :
Frontiers Records

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 21/05/09
L’ venture continues…

30 years ago, yes you read correctly, PRAYING MANTIS released its first EP 3 tracks, entitled “The Soundhouse Tapes.”
NE 2 years earlier, in 1977, PRAYING MANTIS is the project of two brothers Greek-Spanish, property and Chris named Tino TROY (nothing to do with NIP / TUCK!)
Chris and Tino are multi instrumentalists / authors / composers / performers / producers, over PRAYING MANTIS albums were imposed as a lighthouse, first of NWOBHM to our dear President (of our association, of course!) before slipping slowly into a hard-rock tinged melodic keyboards.

Chris and Tino have always surrounded himself with excellent musicians to co write and interpret their hits countless compositions, recognizable among a thousand! (Paul DI’ANNO, Dennis STRATTON, Gary BARDEN, Tony O’HORA, Doogie WHITE etc..)
Where is the group in 2009?

The Sanctuary is proof that the group still has a beautiful artistic flame!

I liked in the first pocket full of meaning …

I liked and then found a very talented singer, Mike FREELAND, whose timbre and phrasing recalls John WEST (ARTENSION, ROYAL HUNT) for the better.

Even if it does I will remember Tony O’HORA, I must say that the service is to highlight for its class.

Finally I liked the production and mix finally successful for the group and created by Andy REILLY (ASIA, THE CULT, Bruce DICKINSON, FM etc.), which confirms that the TROY brothers in their interest to leave that job to the best they .

Side compositions, without reaching the sublime of Forever In Time in 1998 and Nowhere To Hide in 2000, this Sanctuary, which exceeds the high hand of the The Journey Goes On deficient s’écoute 2003 with great pleasure.

We find a hard rock-inspired melodic lines with beautiful singing, good songs and the whole is very consistent.
Keyboards are discreet but accurate, the rhythms are a little harder than on the albums listed above and the fans of the group and the style should find food for rewards.

The highlights for me were on the tracks 5 and 6, with the lovely ballad Lonely Way Home and Touch The Rainbowand cheerful driving.
Overall, other “take the road” and a sense of unity emerges from the album.

Damage to me that this formidable production is present in the Forever In Time to Nowhere To Hide in 2000 and 1998!

For the Sanctuary, we find alongside Andy, Mike, Chris and Tino, Andy BURGESS and Benjy REID to guitars to drums.

A great team for a good album!