Rise Metal E-zine (ESP) ‘Sanctuary’ review


(Frontiers Records)
praying mantis

The British

Praying Mantis , led by brothers Tino and Chris Troy (guitar and bass respectively), are part of the scene for over thirty five years prior to the outbreak of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal between the late ‘ 70 and early ’80s where bands like Angel Witch, Saxon, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden managed mainly stand out above others of the many groups that arose in that country after the furore and subsequent decay of the punk scene.

And precisely Maiden has to do with this band, as it passed by two guitarists of the first age of the girl, Bob “Angelo” Sawyer and Dennis Stratton, also of drummer Clive Burr and even Paul Di’Anno. Also the two bands toured together in the beginning, and had good relationship.

However, Praying Mantis never got the recognition he deserved, but the Troy show that could have made it further, but wrong decisions at the time refused to let them.
Beyond this, and the status of cult band, including separations and reunions, the British are still editing material to date, and so is that in 2009 we have “Sanctuary”.

The lineup for this CD is comprised of Troy, in addition to guitarist Andy Burgess, drummer Benjy Reid and vocalist Mike Freeland, who was recruited only two years ago, and is responsible for doing a great job adapting to the spirit of hard rock of the band.

The disc opens with the powerful “In Time”, faster cut the rest of the themes, with riffs that waste quality and experience.
“Restless Heart” passes through the paths of classic hard rock and AOR, but adapting to the modern sound of the era in which we live, and it is here where most of the disk is concentrated.

Of course how could it be otherwise in discs of this kind is present in the ballad “Tears In The Rain” and “Lonely Way Home,” which protrude bluesy guitars, and very good arrangements also to appreciate mainly the Freeland’s voice.

The disc also contains ten items, the video for “Turn The Tide”. Lovers of hard rock and classic heavy, do not fail to check this album!
For more info: www.praying-mantis.com