News from 1997-1999

22 Dec 1999 – On 18 December 1999 Praying Mantis held a private party
to celebrate 10 Years of the core of the current lineup. I have added my
observations and some pictures. I have also change the vote form so you can tell
me what you think of Metal crusader.

12 Dec 1999 – It will come as no big suspire but the Mantis/Angel
Witch gig has been postponed. I think it was felt that is was too close to the
new Year Celebrations and people would be to broke to go. It it hope the gig
will happen a bit latter in the year. Fingers Crossed!

29 Nov 1999 – Classic Rock Magazine Issue 10 January 2000 says Angel
Witch Praying Mantis and Tank will be playing the Astoria 2 in London on January
14. I have just rung Tino and he thinks it will probably happen. It is certainly
being arranged but hasn't been confirmed as yet. So Fingers crossed and let me
know if you think you might go so I can keep you informed of the status of the

It will be the 99 Lineup of Mantis not the 1980.

28 Nov 1999 – My copy of 'Metal Crusade '99 finally made it to me. I
have added the details to the Discography and some audio clips have been added
to the Audio Clips. The Albums release was apparently delayed slightly because
of Production problems. I think it came out early November but perhaps not the
3rd November as the CD claims. Certainly copies to CD Gold were usually late.

I have also added a UK review of the concert to the reunion page.

31 Oct 1999 – 'Metal Crusade '99 doesn't appear to have been released
yet. I am not sure why.

I have started adding information on the next Studio
Album. It is in fact the end of an interview I recently took with Dennis
Stratton. The whole thing will appear when it is typed up. As will the Dave
Potts one which is superfically finished but Dave and I have agreed to meet up a
again to tidy up a few odds and ends. I still plan to Interview Steve Carroll so
let me know if you have any questions you want asked.

10 Oct 1999 – I am told the live album of NWOBHM 20th anniversary
concert, 'Metal Crusade '99', will be released on 20th October,1999 in Japan. I
believe this is a double CD with music from all four bands but Mantis get the
largest part of one disc as all their set minus on song (Cheated I think) is
supposed to be on it.

Zoom Club Records in the UK look likely to release 'Live At Last',
'Captured:Alive In Tokyo City' and 'Forever In Time' albums in Early 2000

I am still progressing with typing in the Dave Potts interview. I am
currently up to 8500 words!

Talks are in progress about the possibility of a NWOBHM tour of Europe with
Angel Witch, Tank and Samson.

I have been sent some information on a previous band of Dennis Stratton's
called Remus Down Boulevard

28 Aug 1999 – I have added some very good photos by Gerrie Lemmens of
the London gig. There are here. The mixing for the
Live album went very well. Apparently it will be a two cd set with songs from
the other bands at the festival to. Everything from the Mantis set minus Cheated
should get released. I have now managed to get my Interview with Dave Potts I
just have to get the energy to type it up now. I should be getting one with
Steve Carrol sometime too.

7 Aug 1999 – I added photos from the London gig during the week.

31 July 1999 – I have added my review of the London reunion date
(photos still to come). An Interview with Colin Peel. The Japanese review of
Demorabilia. And updated the history page.

24 July 1999 – Someone might be interesting to know Dennis Stratton's
son Jack has managed to get himself a presenters role on a ITV kids program
called "Diggit". It is on from 7.10 on Saturdays mornings. I believe from what
Dennis said Jack is on every other week and today was an appearance.

19 July 1999 – At last the details of the only warm up gig in the UK
are confirmed. It will take place at the Shebeen which is part of the George and
Dragon pub 183 High Street Acton W3. The best tube is Acton Town (There is a
taxi firm at the door here) or Acton Central. Last time I went I found it easier
to get the 207 from the Pub to Ealing common tube station so I might well try
the reverse this time.

It will be a double dose of Tino and Chris as they will be playing with Paddy
Goes to Holyhead and then they will squeeze in the Mantis set after that. Paddy
normally start about 5pm but Tino suggests people going arrive around 3pm so I
assume things will start early. There is likely to be a band on in the evening
after Paddy and Mantis I have never noticed if it is the same one or different
each week.

Tino also told me that Chris and he will be staying on in Japan three days
longer than Steve and Dave in order to Mix the Live album. (Yippee) He doesn't
think it will be filmed though.

I do know the details of the set but I won't spoil anything by saying here.

17 July 1999 – I am sorry about the lack of news on the Reunion Date
in Japan. I think it is on August 1st but I have never confirmed it. I have also
been waiting and waiting for warm up dates in London but the whole things seems
very low key from a Mantis point of view. I am hoping for an out door gig in
Forest Gate London on 25 July and maybe one at the Shebeen in Acton.

Incidentally anyone in London on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do
between 4pm-7pm might want to check out the Shebeen at the George and Dragon,
183 High Street Acton where Chris and Tino have been playing in a cover band
called Paddy Goes To Hollyhead most Sundays since just before Easter.
Alternately you might like to check out Dennis in a duo called the Clangers at
the Dean Swift on Commercial Road. I found it is best to get off the Tube at
Aldgate East and take the bus about 3 stops up the road. The Dean Swift is set
back on the Right side as you go out of London on Commercial Road.

Work on the new album with the current Line up of Mantis (i.e. Tony O'Hora
etc) has been going well but a little slowly and it now seem it will not make a
November release this year. It is now going to be a 2000 release. Work has
currently stopped as Tino and Chris rehearse with Dave Potts and Steve Carrol
for the reunion.

I am still working out getting an interview with Dave Potts. He is keen but
we have yet to match on availability. I have just heard from Colin Peel and am
currently seeking an interview with him. And I also have the possibility of an
interview with Dennis.

2 June 1999 – I was a tad slow on this one but I have finally added
Dennis Lionheard Demo's album and some Real Audios

17 April 1999 – A cosmetic change to the site. I have finally given in
to using frames I think a vertical site index looks better. I just need to work
out a better structure no. Any problems let me know.

17 April 1999 – The May 7th gig in London is sadly off I am afraid. It
does appear that the original line up will the playing Japan with the Time Tells
No Lies line up at the start of August. One Date only and fingers crossed.

17 April 1999 – Tony's Horakane interview is now complete and online

11 April 1999 – Dennis Stratton has a double CD set (it appears)
called "Raiders of the lost archives" by Lionheart out on May 15th

3 April 1999 – The April issue of BURRN! Magazine featured the results
of 1998 Reader's Poll, and it went on sale on March 5th. Mantis did very well
and the results relating results to them are as follows



BASSIST – Chris Troy is 18th.

ALBUM, 'Forever In Time' is 5th

SONGWRITER – Troy/Troy are ranked 8th

ALBUM COVER – 'Forever In Time' got 10th.

The Band were very pleased with this and it motivated them even more to try
and get the next album out by November 99. (I took my interview with Tony on
Horakane Yesterday so I just have to type it up now)

28 March 1999 – I have started adding details about

7 March 1999 – There appears to me some confusion about who actually
played on the Horakane album. Tony does not want to make any false sales so for
now all we'll say is that Tony Sang and Jamie O'Kane played guitar. Tony also
played some of the Bass parts. Horakane is a play on Hurricane using the names
of O'Hora and O'Kane

6 March 1999 – I have added Audio clips from Tony O'Hora's new project
Horakane. He is still a member of Praying Mantis. This album has allowed him
to get some Metal Ideas out of his head. I hope to interview him shortly about
the project.

14 February 1999 – The gig for Feb 21st is decently cancelled. Tino tried
touching his guitar yesterday and his finger, while healing nicely, still hurts.
There is a possibility of a gig on May 7th 1999. If that interests you please
join the Mailing List so that I can keep you up to
date. It also looks like the original line up of the band will be reforming for
a 20th Anniversary of NWOBHM gig in Japan in August. This again should mean some
warm up dates in London. This of course is still highly speculative though. It
also means Tino will have to sing some lead vocals again!

11 February 1999 – The following was taken from Adverts In Japan


Mar. 17 in store

The strong hurricane of THE VOICE OF PRAYING MANTIS landed.


Tony O'hora (vo)

Jaime O'kane (g)

Steve Mckenna (b)

Brian Dickinson (dr/Cathedral)

Produced By Tony O'hora

1.Eternal Infinity

2.Over The Edge

3.The Storm

4.Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

5.Hold On

6.Naver Meant To Make You Cry


8.Judgement Day

9.Hurts Like Hell

10.Remember My Name

11.End Of An Era

12.Remember My Name (karaoke)

13.Message For Japanese Fans





Do you know the band called LIONHEART?

Dennis Stratton (g)

Rocky Newton (b)

Steve Mann (g)

Chad Brown (vo)

created the marvelous melodic hard rock tunes 15 years ago.

In April 1999, LIONHEART's Unreleased tracks will be out!!!

6 February – I had a quick word with Tino during the week. Unfortunately the
London gig for Feb 21st now looks unlikely as Tino had a minor accident with a
power tool and too a lump out of a string bending finger. He will see how it
heals but I doubt the gig will happen 🙁

The dememorabilia album is up to something like 26 tracks now and he was
pleased with the artwork he has seen. Apparently Tino has found it quite hard
work racking his brain coming up with all the Family tree info etc for the set.
He also mentioned that a Tom Jackson track was now on the collection.

"Remember my Name" will be on Tony's album and Tino was going to so a solo
for it but that might not happen at present.

13 January – A short conversation with Rodney Matthews was added.

12 January – The is the possibility of a London gig on Sunday February 21st
but I won't give any more details until I know for certain. If you want to know
more e-mail me. This is now unlikely See entry for 6 February

12 January – A New album of old material is due for release on March 17th.
The album is called "Demorabilia" and will have the following tracks on it from
the Bernie Shaw era of Praying Mantis Including Clive Burrs Escape. It is
possible The Story will be sung by one of the Time Tells No lies singers. But I
have been unable to find out so far. The tracks are all Demo recordings and I
believe a special edition of the set will have Memorabilia from the period in it
but again I am only going by what I heard in Japan and bits of information being
reported by fans.

1.Top Of The Mountain


3.Born Evil

4.Woman Of The Night


6.One Of These Days

7.Wasted Love

8.The Horn

9.Enough Is Enough

10.Raining In Kensington

11.Over And Over

12.Never Say No

13.The Story

14.Battle Royal

15.I Need Your Lovin'



18.Your Number

19.All Over Again

Lionheart's demo for 2nd album will be released March 3.

Also Tony's solo project Horakane will release their first album on same day.
I know nothing about this but I checked with Chris and Tony is still a member to
his knowledge so don't worry.

19 December – I have finally remembered to add the Set lists for the shows.
Since the tour page is graphic intensive I will mention here that is was much
like the Tokyo show but in different orders

Set List

Wasted years

The Messiah

A Cry For The New World

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Remember My Name

Valley Of The Kings

Forever In Time

Turn The Tables

The Day The Sun Turned Cold

Rise Up Again

Best Years


Children of The Earth

Can't See The Angels


Lettin' Go

Epsom and the Kings Head had less songs. Epsom also had "The Man Behind The
Mask". And Walthamstow had an unrehearsed encore of "Smoke On The Water"!

16 December – Some more photos Epsom 1998 this
time by Ger Lemmens

15 December – I have added More 1998 Tour Pictures
and pictures from the Mantis Cup. I have also
heard that there probably going to be a two CD mantis rarities collection to be
released in February (hopefully).

25 November – I add a translation of an Interview with Tony O'Hora that
appeared in Ho-No-O in Japan. Including 5 tony photos from recent tour.

18 November – I am back from a very enjoyable trip to Japan. I have added all
my tour reports and the best shots from my many pics. When I get some energy I
will probably write a report on the non performance side of my trip. EG The
Photo shot in Tokyo and the Mantis Cup. I did not get anything useful interview
wise since I did not want to bother the band when they were enjoying a tour. The
band will probably rest now until after Christmas. And then hopefully start work
on a few demos. The current hope is they might release a new album next year but
I suspect they thought this after the 1995 tour.

5 November – The latest tour reports and photos. The last before Japan

2 November – Added the Kings Head review
and some disappointing photos. It's good job I got these ones processed quick. I
clearly need to try a different tactic.

27 October 1998 – Added an new Album review and updated the Discography to
show the catalogue numbers of the Japanese albums.

25 October 1998 – My review of the first UK Warm up gig
Tour 98 plus the latest news on the dates. I have correct the info below.

19 October 1998- I finished the text of the Bernie Shaw interview. The latest
tour dates in the UK are.

October 24th Sat Epsom gig
*November 1st Sun Kings Head Putney (closest tube Putney Bridge)
November 3rd Tues Dean Swift, Commerical Road, Aldgate East, London
(Closest tube might be Aldgate East!)
*November 4th Wed Royal Standard- Walthamstow (Opposite Blackhorse Rd tube -Victoria Line)

* recommended venues as slightly larger in size

It is still recommended you contact me for last minute changes.

11 October 1998 – There is a UK Warm up gig at the Royal Stardard in
Walthamstow on Nov 4th. It is best to check with me before going to confirm it
is on. Moved the sight to and probably broke a few links!
I also added the bands promo videos in Real Audio format on the
Audio clips page. They are obviously poor quality and aimed at 28,800 Modem

19 September – furthur updates to the Bernie Shaw intervire during the week.
And Forever in Time review add to the album page and in the press page.

5 September – More Interview added and some extra pictures from Ho-no-o
Magazine in Japan. Also the Japanese tours dates appear to be

9 Nov (Mon) Macana, Sendai

10 Nov (Tue) Banana Hall, Osaka

11 Nov (Wed) Bottom Line, Nagoya

12 Nov (Thu) Club Citta, Kawasaki

28 August – I started adding a new interview with Bernie Shaw. I also move
all the other interviews into a new section. And made it quicker to see any new
graphics I should add to the photo Gallery.

11 July – I decided I could see no reason why I should not report some parts
of my chats with the Band here. So I will. But the spellings are likely to be
worse than on other parts of the site!

I had a quick phone with Tino again today. Not much has happened since last
time. So I managed to catch up on a couple of questions

Hiro Sudoh asked "I was wondering how come you do not write love songs?
Mantis's melody will be fit with love songs."

Tino response was because "Love songs are too Soppy. No .." He then went on
to explain on the last album that Chris wrote most of the Lyrics and Chris has
already explained to me he seemed to find it easy to be inspired by death etc.
(See the interview on the Forever In Time section).
Tino then had a think and decided he has probably written about Love. But more
in the sense of the Break up of a Relationship. 🙂

I also asked why Rodney Matthews called the picture for Predator "Time
Slipping Away". It was not a case that the album was going to be called it or
anything. Just that it was the image he was using to inspire the painting.

My final question (that I am reporting anyway) was why Did Steve Carroll and
Dave Potts leave the band. The eventual answer seemed to be that when the Band
Split up with Fireball, their management, things were falling apart badly. Steve
was friends with one of the Managers and decided he could not continue with the
band. Dave Potts while he stopped playing actually became their Manager when
they became Clive Burrs Escape.

4 July – Masa Ito's Site has a Real video Clip of Mantis Performing "Valley
Of the Kings" on the Promo Accousic tour. The Clip is/was on the rare Live link

I also added some clip from the 1998 Promotional tour to
The Picture Gallery section

28 June – Put up the correct album cover and finially got a band shot of the
current line up for the top of the pages. Thanks to KAZUO IMAI for scanning it
for me while I wait for my copy of the album to arrive.

10 June – Real Audio clips and album cover added to the
Forever In Time section

6 June – Japanese Promotion Tour Information

19 April – I have found a place that sells Preditor In Disguise T-Shirts
(Well Sort of). Check the CD's From Page

18 April – I had a quick chat with Tino and got the following information

Tets Mario, Pony Canyon representatives was very pleased with the final mix
of the album. He faxed Tino and said he thought it was the best they had
delivered which sounds encouraging.

There currently sending proofs of the Artwork and credits backwards and
forwards. The album is now looking like a June Release.

I asked if they are doing a Promo trip to Japan and it sounds like they will
be but nothing is decided. It is highly probably they will play an Acoustic set
for TV again. I guess Mutuma's World.

Nothing has been said yet but he thought the tour would probably be 4 months
or so after the album so around October-November

I also had reports that Tino had been playing as part of a duet in some one's
local pub. The contact never came back to me so I asked Tino for more details.

He has a friend that plays bass and does solo gigs and sometimes the pub
wants a duo so Tino occasionally goes along and Jams on guitar and backing

5 April – I added the Cover of Mark Thompson Smiths new album to his
interview page and a Couple of Real Audio clips from the album.

3 April – I have added a E-mail Interview with Mark
Thompson Smith

31 March – I have added a fairly long chat with Chris Troy to the
Forever In Time section.

28 March – I have recieved some more memories from Mantis' ex Roadie. This
time Gig reviews

25 March – I have added the Pictures I took of Mantis In London mixing
Forever in Time.

21 March – I have added some new interviews and details on the new album
Forever In Time. It's not well presented yet but then is any of my site. I
am waiting for a few photos to come back from my visit to the Mixing Studios

14 March – I have added a new page by Lee Burrows on
Life On The Road With Mantis

I have also added a lot of new graphics mainly on the
Other Pictures Page

The Mixing of the new album was due to finish today. I believe it's release
is due at the end of May but will have to double check that. I went to the
studio to see the mixing earlier this week and have some interviews and stuff to
type up when I get chance

14 February – The new album has now finished being recorded. Tino is
currently doing some rough mixes prior to the album going for finale mixing with
Chris Tsangaridis around the 23 February The line up for the album is as follow

  • Chris Troy – Bass
  • Tino Troy – Guitar
  • Dennis Straton – Guitar
  • Bruce Bisland – Drums
  • Tony O'Hora – Vocals

On 17th January I added various bits and bops I have learnt recently. If you
wish to know what they were you should be on my discussion list.

On 20th December I converted all the Audio Files to Real Audio format. I
updated the History Page with stuff from the 80's newspapers and a couple of gig
set lists. I also added a page highlighting the Songs Mantis recorded/played but
never released. Rare Songs

On 7 September I added some info on Tino and Bruces past Bands in the Other
Projects page
On 12th July I added a lot more Press articles and some new pages.

On 25th May I added some more Audio clips

I launched the Praying Mantis discussion list on 10th May.

On 20th April I moved away from the L-page Guestbook to a more simple one
which I can control at my site.


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