A Cry For The New World

A Cry For The New World was released 1993
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Type Cat No. Label Country
CD PCCY-00422 Pony Canyon Japan
CD PCCY-01291 Pony Canyon Japan
CD CDFLAG 80 Under One Flag UK
HQCD PCCY-50025 Pony Canyon Japan
Track List
Title Writers Length
01. Rise Up Again Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 4′ 10″
02. A Cry For The New World Praying Mantis 5′ 28″
03. A Moment In Life Troy/Troy/Peel 6′ 00″
04. Letting Go Troy/Troy 7′ 32″
05. One Chance Troy/Troy/Bisland 5′ 30″
06. Dangerous Praying Mantis 5′ 28″
07. Fight To Be Free Troy/Troy 7′ 08″
08. Open Your Heart Praying Mantis 5′ 23″
09. Dream On Jackson/Dangschat/Praying Mantis 5′ 34″
10. Journeyman Troy/Troy/Peel 6′ 59″
11. The Final Eclipse Troy/Fflounders 2′ 27″
Name Instrument
Tino Troy Guitar,Vocals
Chris Troy Bass,Vocals
Dennis Stratton Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Bisland Drums
Colin Peel Lead Vocals
Interview Links
What Source
Colin Peel Exclusive
Additional Information
Studios Engineering
•Boundary Row Studios, London and Highlander Productions, Braunsweig, Germany •Tino Troy And Gary Flounders
Mixer/Producer Artwork
•Kalle Trapp •Andie Airfix
General Notes
The picture on the front cover is Dennis’s Daughters Eye

The 93 band

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I have been a Praying Mantis fan since I first heard "Captured City" on Metal for Muthas. Time Tells No Lies has always been on of my favourite albums and I was overjoyed when I first discovered it was out on CD. I didn't know what had happened after the first album until in about 1994 I discovered "A Cry For The New World". I was worried about getting it as I thought it had to be a disappointment but I was wrong. I loved it and have followed the band and maintained this website ever since.

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2 comments on “A Cry For The New World
  1. Here’s a review from The Heart Of The Rock Page


    Colin Peel – vocals; Dennis Stratton -guitars; Tino Troy – guitars; Chris Troy – bass; Bruce Bisland – drums

    Praying Mantis at this stage of their career had caught a second wind, and were riding on the huge wave of popularity coming out of Japan. Still with the basis of the band intact, apart from new singer Colin Peel, who when added to the mix, really does have a great voice suited to Mantis’ style of melodic rock. The twin guitar work of Messrs Stratton and Troy are a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene, and on this opus ‘A Cry For The New World’ we are not exactly breaking new ground, but the commitment and class carries it off. Punctuated by subtle keyboard pieces in the background, the predominant guitar attack never lets up.

    The calibre of songs are lifted a notch too, with the title track ‘A Cry For The New World’, the rampant ‘Letting Go’, the grinding guitar of ‘One Chance’ and ‘Fight To Be Free’ all competing with each other for attention. Keyboard parps and guitar interplay comes to the fore on ‘Rise Up Again’, an anthemic slice of rock if ever there was one. ‘Open Your Heart’ is not too far behind on the keyboard front, though the track is less dynamic. ‘Dream On’ is a slower piece, with orchestral leanings and super melodic choruses. ‘Journeyman’ is a longer workout and gradually builds to a climax towards the albums final track ‘The Final Eclipse’, a dreamy atmospheric close out.

    There are not too many people without a Praying Mantis album somewhere in their collection. You are guaranteed to get value for money, and if the Japanese music buying public are anything to go by, then we in the West are way behind the eight-ball. Start searching out some of their albums now!!

    Review By: George Thatcher

  2. Ignacio says:

    a cry for the new world is a strange record for mantis. is not a bad one, just a bit strange. it was the first without a mantis in the cover. 🙂
    anyway it has its shining moments: letting go, a cry for the new world and journeyman rank amongst the best songs composed by the band, mainly by the troy brothers.
    i like tino’s and chris’ voices, and loving tony’s then i find colin’s a bit strange. don’t misunderstand me, it is not a bad voice, but at least a bit curious
    mantis seem to have a compromise with earth, so songs flow in this way. you may not find many love songs in mantis ‘repertoir’ but, as i said once, as long as the songs are good, that’s enough
    it was voted in japan as 4th metal record of the year.
    8/10 nice to have

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