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Soundhouse Tapes was released 1980?

[ratings id=”269″]

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Metal for Muthas LP was released Feb 1980

[ratings id=”266″]

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Praying Mantis was released June 1980

[ratings id=”263″]

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Metal Explosion from the Friday Rock Show was released Nov 1980 (Recorded 31 Oct 1979)

[ratings id=”259″]

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All Day And All Of The Night was released 1980

[ratings id=”257″]

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Time Tells No Lies was released 1981

[ratings id=”97″]

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Cheated was released January 1981

[ratings id=”254″]

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Turn The Tables was released 27th August 1982

[ratings id=”249″]

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Hammer ( Compilation LP) was released 1981

[ratings id=”244″]

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Throwing Shapes (Stratus Album) was released 1984

[ratings id=”238″]

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The Best of British Rock ( Compilation LP) was released 1985

[ratings id=”236″]

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Live At Last – Praying Mantis with Paul Di Anno and Denis Stratton was released 21 June 1990

[ratings id=”231″]

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This Time Girl (Promo Only) was released 1991

[ratings id=”229″]

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Predator In Disguise was released 1991

[ratings id=”135″]

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A Cry For The New World was released 1993

[ratings id=”114″]

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Only The Children Cry was released 1993

[ratings id=”157″]

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To The Power Of Ten was released 19 Aug 1995

[ratings id=”140″]

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