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Captured Alive In Tokyo City was released 21 March 1996

[ratings id=”224″]

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Double Captured Alive In Tokyo City was released 21 March 1996

[ratings id=”226″]

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Forever In Time was released 1998

[ratings id=”168″]

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Demorabilia was released 17 March 1999

[ratings id=”221″]

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Metal Crusade ’99 was released 3 Nov 1999

[ratings id=”216″]

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Nowhere To Hide was released June 2000

[ratings id=”193″]

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The Journey Goes On was released March 2003

[ratings id=”21″]

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The Best Of Praying Mantis was released 13 March 2004

[ratings id=”213″]

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Sanctuary was released 4 June 2009

[ratings id=”673″]

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Metalmorphosis was released February 2011

[ratings id=”1346″]

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Metalmorphosis – Japanese Edition was released December 2011

[ratings id=”1661″]

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Selected Solo Projects

Eternal Infinnity – Horakane was released 17 Mar 1999

[ratings id=”446″]

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A Far Cry From New Jersey – Mark Thompson-Smith was released 1998

[ratings id=”450″]

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Unearthed – Raiders Of The Lost Archives – Lionheart was released 17 Mar 1999

[ratings id=”458″]

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Lovers To The Grave was released 9 Nov 79

[ratings id=”433″]

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Enough Is Enough was released 10 Feb 1984

[ratings id=”429″]

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